Latest OurPact Version Introduces Extensive Notifications Platform for Parents

With Launch of Geo-Fencing, Enhanced Notification Platform and App Download Alert System, OurPact Establishes a Competitive Edge in the Location-Monitoring Space

San Diego, California, UNITED STATES

SAN DIEGO, May 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OurPact, Eturi Corp.’s flagship parental control and screen-time management platform, has launched an addition of key features for its family network.

In the past year, OurPact – the Eturi Corp. software solution popular for giving parents control over app and internet access on children’s devices – entered the location monitoring space with a Family Locator feature, which provided live, in-app child location monitoring. OurPact’s latest release, 5.0, enhances Family Locator with Places, which allows parents to create virtual geo-fences around specified areas – school, home, or soccer practice, for example. When their children enter or leave these designated zones, an immediate alert is sent to parents, keeping them informed on their children’s activities, without needing to check in constantly for updates. OurPact 5.0 also includes an enhanced notification system, including alerts to parent devices when children install new applications.

“OurPact’s main goal is to leverage technology to simplify parenting,” states OurPact Founder, Amir Moussavian. “To date, our software has focused on giving parents more involvement with children’s device use. Our latest suite of features now extends this focus, by giving parents information. Peace of mind is priceless; parents shouldn’t need to constantly check on what children are doing – both on, and offline. We cover both of these bases, and our enhanced notifications deliver valuable information, only when necessary. We see this as a huge stride for our platform, and for parents.”

By expanding into the location-monitoring space and customizing their software to deliver information to parents in real-time, OurPact defines itself as more than a screen time tool – but a catch-all family solution. Digital parenting is here to stay, and OurPact is one step ahead of the game.

About OurPact
OurPact is the flagship product for San Diego-based software company Eturi, Corp. The application first rose to popularity with a suite of screen-time management features, allowing parents to control application availability through automated schedules, daily screen time allowances, timed remote blocks, selective app control, iMessage and SMS management, and web filtering. Recently, the solution has grown into the location-monitoring space with Geo-Location tracking and alerts. As the largest network for screen time controls, OurPact’s cross-platform solution allows parents to manage their children’s screen time from anywhere, and at any time. Available for download on iOS or Android, please visit for more information.


Paige Mayer