Phoenix Tears and Christian Fellowship Council to Launch Nationally Syndicated Radio Program on Hemp-Derived Health Initiatives

Weekly Program Will Highlight Best Practices for Improving Chronic Conditions Through Hemp-based CBD Products

DENVER, CO, May 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Phoenix Tears, (, a provider of Hemp-based Cannabidiol (CBD) solutions for consumers, announced it is launching a weekly syndicated radio program with the Christian Fellowship Council (CFC) to help consumers recognize and leverage the profound health benefits of Hemp-based CBD products. The program will begin May 6, 2018 with a live broadcast into some 2,500 markets around the United States. Co-hosting the program will be Janet Rosendahl-Sweeney, founder and president of Phoenix Tears, and Willie Saunders, chief executive officer of the Christian Fellowship Council. 

The program will feature insights into the applications for Hemp-derived CBD products in promoting healthy lifestyles, treatment of a broad range of chronic illnesses and conditions, and non-opioid pain management. The program will also deliver updates on research initiatives, emerging regulatory matters, and information for obtaining CBD solutions. Listener ‘call-in’ segments will allow the hosts to address any questions listeners may have on CBD and Hemp-derived supplements. The live program will be recorded and replayed throughout the week on CFC radio network.

“We’re delighted to partner with the Christian Fellowship Council to unmask the profound health benefits of these products and dispel misconceptions about the medicinal effects of Hemp-based products,” explained Rosendahl-Sweeney. “As more consumers seek out alternative treatments to address their specific health conditions, we are confident that the radio program will emerge as an invaluable resource for education and serve as a portal for independent discovery and research.”

The Christian Fellowship Council radio network has an audience of over seven million people per day, and is streamed directly into 4,000 churches. According to Saunders of the Christian Fellowship Council radio network, the relationship with Phoenix Tears will extend beyond the radio broadcast, to include live events at select churches and a comprehensive online community platform where individuals can obtain the latest information on research activities and patient usage insights.

“The level of interest in CBD products continues to escalate, and we are developing plans to create a series of live church events to expand the dialogue on Hemp-based health initiatives,” said Saunders. “The combination of Janet’s expertise—and the pent-up market demand—should make our program and events extremely popular with our audience.”

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About Phoenix Tears 

Phoenix Tears is a manufacturer of Hemp-based CBD products for consumer use. The company is considered one of the industry’s foremost leaders in the research, production, and use of CBD solutions.

Since its founding in 2010, the company has produced over 140 formulations, and has served nearly a quarter of one million individuals. Phoenix Tears is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and has offices in Las Vegas and New York. 


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