Enables call centers to implement sophisticated risk-based authentication strategies

PORTLAND, Ore., May 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TRUSTID, the leading provider of pre-answer caller authentication, has introduced version 4.0 of its flagship TRUSTID AUTHENTICATOR service for customer contact centers.

Using a patented approach that analyzes calls within the global telephone network and provides an ownership-based authentication token, TRUSTID AUTHENTICATOR enables businesses such as banks, credit unions, brokerages and insurance companies to identify trusted callers before their calls are answered. This automatic, highly accurate approach allows contact centers to quickly identify callers who should enter trusted flows for better, faster service. The significant reduction in customer identity interrogation decreases operating costs, improves the customer experience and allows companies to focus their fraud-detection resources on true threats.

AUTHENTICATOR 4.0 adds new capabilities that enable contact centers to implement sophisticated risk-based authentication strategies for the small proportion of calls that are not authenticated by the service. The new features include a TRUST INDICATOR that assigns a numerical trustworthiness value to each call, and the provision of new call data elements that TRUSTID customers can use to further refine and customize their authentication treatment approach.

Using these new capabilities, contact centers can stratify callers into different authentication flows based on their assessed trustworthiness. For example, a non-authenticated caller that still has a high level of trust might receive the authentication treatment that is considered next best to TRUSTID, while a call with a low-trust assessment can be examined more rigorously using the organization’s anti-fraud tools and staff.

“TRUSTID AUTHENTICATOR 4.0 makes it easier than ever for call centers to reduce their reliance on knowledge-based authentication, which is becoming increasingly ineffective as fraudsters use stolen data and social media to gain access to the information needed to correctly answer questions used in identity interrogation,” said Patrick Cox, CEO of TRUSTID. “Our customers have found TRUSTID’s ownership-based authentication to be easy to implement and highly accurate; however, they wanted more information about the calls we don’t authenticate. Our new release responds to this request by providing an assessment of call trustworthiness based on analysis of hundreds of data points about each call.”

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Founded in 2007 in Portland, Oregon, TRUSTID allows customer contact centers to automatically authenticate callers before their calls are answered. Using a patented approach that analyzes calls within the global telephone network, TRUSTID’s pre-answer caller authentication enables companies to significantly reduce customer identity interrogation and thus decrease contact center costs, improve the customer experience and focus more fraud-detection resources on true threats. For more information, visit

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