DELSEY PARIS launches their “WHAT MATTERS IS INSIDE” campaign

Paris, FRANCE, May 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DELSEY Paris, the iconic French brand known for timeless quality and audacious design, has just launched their new brand platform with the first “What matters is inside” film. Created by the Paris based ad agency Buzzman, the campaign invites everyone to share a journey around the world, while presenting the new GPS tracking system which will be launched in DELSEY Pluggage.

The film is created like a fairytale, and tells the story of a young thirty-something whose life is ruled by work. The sudden loss of his explorer father takes him from Paris to Mexico, on the trail of a suitcase with mysterious contents. But once he arrives in Mexico, the suitcase disappears... Thanks to the new, integrated, connected tracking system by DELSEY, the hero is able to track his luggage and take part in an emotional journey of self-discovery, all over the world.

The film embraces the true DNA of the DELSEY brand. DELSEY is devoted to making travel seamless and endorsing the sense of connection that travel brings between people. The brand is dedicated to the safety and security of our most precious belongings so that we can go on life’s adventures with an open heart and peace of mind. And that is what the DELSEY “WHAT MATTERS IS INSIDE” campaign is all about – it is not the luggage that matters, but what is inside. And it is not the trip that matters, but what it stirs inside us all.

DELSEY is dedicated to protecting life’s essentials, one trip at a time!

"DELSEY has always been close to its users, offering innovative luggage for stylish, stress-free travel. The latest example: Pluggage, which will launch in the US this summer, is designed to meet the needs of ultra-connected travellers. This iconic case includes several connected functions such as GPS, using a tracker in the suitcase, and a dedicated app that tells you where your suitcase is at any given time.
We wanted to make a film that would evoke our brand’s values: innovative, people-friendly, sensitive, focused on experiences and the pleasures of travel. Making a video means we can capitalize on the digital ecosystem and the major video posting platforms to present our story to all travelers."
Florence Ferreira, Brand & Digital Manager DELSEY Paris 

Take part in the DELSEY journey by viewing the film at:

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