Visionary Sci Fi Feature Dream Channel Announces Funding Via Its Own Cryptocurrency


CANNES, France, May 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dream Channel is the world’s first feature film and series funded by its own cryptocurrency, Dream Coin, that is actually featured in the film as a key plot device. In another global first, the film frames may be purchased with Dream Frames, a companion crypto-collectibles game that creates a new film financing structure. Dream Frames issues Dream Coin tokens for each frame in the film, allowing investors to purchase royalties by a simple smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. The format solves a major problem in film financing by connecting buyers and sellers directly and providing investors with a trackable and transparent royalty structure.

Dream Channel is a sci-fi story about an esports game run by cryptocurrency gangsters played inside a virtual reality world called “The Dream Channel.” The game pits players against each other in a PUBG (Player Unknown Battleground) format through the promise of power over each other’s dreams. Players take the electronic elixir, Dream Coin, for access and then earn it as rewards. The status quo changes when an unsuspecting player, Lucy, has a dream about a Grand Royale-style game played in the streets of Amsterdam called FANTASY– requiring its own ‘fantasy’ coin. This dream becomes the most coveted prize of all, and Lucy becomes the target of players and gangsters who wish to wrestle control of it from her by all means necessary. The film debuted at Cannes last year as a VR Feature and has expanded into a feature film and follow-up series where every scene is shot for the traditional screen and also in VR. It offers audiences full immersion in both that episode’s story and an entire Dream Channel virtual world environment. Audiences can explore this world, inspired by the streets of real-life Amsterdam, to enjoy subplots and new characters.

The Dream Frames game is part a new breed of online game, known as “crypto-collectibles,” akin to smash hit blockchain game CryptoKitties. Dream Frames generates a unique ERC721 token for every frame of a film tethered to the blockchain ensuring uniqueness, trackability and transparency. Fans and investors buy Dream Coin (DZz) ERC20 tokens and then convert them into film frames (ERC721 protocol) by selecting the frames they want to own in Dream Frames. By tokenizing each frame of a film, a business model is created that allows the frames to increase in value once the film is released, along with many other factors – including whether the film becomes a success and/or if the characters (actors) in particular frames become a success. Through a simple smart contract, owners are entitled to royalties based on these respective frames. Dream Frames is a viable financing model for all types of films, including virtual reality/mixed reality films. Dream Frames is unique in that it is tied directly to quantifiable units of IP (film frames). It also stands out as a viable financial solution for films in production/post-production and finished films. Dream Channel will be the debut film launching from the Dream Frames game platform, initially only sold to qualifying investors.

“We are thrilled to bring Dream Channel back to Cannes and break ground on many levels,” said Jonny Peters, Dream Channel director and Dream Coin CEO and founder. “This project has come a long way from my first Next panel appearance at Cannes in 2014 and our VR debut there last year. Dream Channel is visionary: from its experimental, interactive format to the way it is financed and sustained with its own cryptocurrency.”

Dream Channel will be exhibiting May 8-19 at the Cannes Film Festival, Palais Level 01, 18.06.

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About Dream Channel

The brainchild of experimental Australian filmmaker, Jonny Peters, Dream Channel is a multi-format filmed entertainment franchise launched in 2014. As a feature film, VR feature and episodic series, Dream Channel is a narrative-driven, choose-your-own-adventure in which gangsters buy and sell dreams in a virtual world called “The Dream Channel.” Dream Channel is the world’s first feature film and series funded by its own cryptocurrency, Dream Coin, that is actually featured in the film as a key plot device. The film is also the debut feature launching from crypto-collectibles game, Dream Frames, where each film frame may be purchased and/or traded. Dream Coin is the second branded token powered by Gaze Coin, a larger digital currency platform that supports launching unique, branded tokens that measure and monetize audience attention. In 2018, Gaze Coin launched its first branded token, HEXCOIN, with superstar DJ Don Diablo. Dream Coin expands Gaze Coin’s attention-based monetization mechanic to the 2D web. In this case, every time a frame is viewed, a blockchain transaction occurs that rewards the stakeholders of each frame across platforms.

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