VITA Mobile Systems Releases CEO Letter to Shareholders on Big Data Content Library, AI Proprietary Algorithms and Acquisition Opportunities

IRVINE, CA, May 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vita Mobile Systems, Inc. (OTC PINK: VMSI), a technology company focusing on digital imaging in mobile devices, today released a letter to shareholders from its CEO Sean Guerrero on the Company’s value and acquisition opportunities, its immense, meta-tagged content library, proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms and its first app VITA.

The letter is included in its entirety below:

Dear Fellow Shareholders –

It’s been a busy year at Vita Mobile Systems, and we are extremely excited about the vast potential of our upcoming first app release, VITA.  VITA is in beta testing now, and we expect it to revolutionize the way we use social media thru its use of crowdsourcing, geolocation and artificial intelligence to connect people and events both locally and globally. 

With that said, Vita Mobile Systems’ true value goes far beyond our first queued up app, and I wanted to take this opportunity to make sure our growing shareholder base understands the big picture and what’s in store next for the Company.

Massive Content Library and Artificial Intelligence

One of the Company’s greatest assets is the monumental library of crowdsourced content that we have been building.  This content is a massive catalogue of meta-tagged, predictive big data of locations, events, and people and is an excellent, primed platform for ultra-targeted advertising. Because of this, we have been focusing a lot of time and resources on cultivating this content, securing a strong back-end infrastructure to house it and developing the proper analyzation tools. This extremely defined databank of big data that we have collected is one of the true values of Vita Mobile Systems.

As for those analyzation tools, the Company has developed highly valuable, proprietary algorithms and tools which gather, categorize, analyze and augment digital content. Vita Mobile Systems’ proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence engine is designed to analyze the millions of pictures and videos in our content library and shared by users daily to interpret behavior, anticipate need and predict marketing patterns. The Company plans to file a series of patents surrounding many of the proprietary technologies, machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence algorithms that we've developed over the years.  These technology tools are another true value of Vita Mobile Systems.


The VITA app, with its content library and analyzation tools, is not just a natural partner for advertisers, but it is also highly valuable to third party organizations such as market intelligence firms.  Large corporations are going to want to own this technology rather than reinvent it, and the Company is open to prelaunch acquisition offers but has a revenue structure in place that is not contingent upon it.  We are also in discussions with potential partners that Vita Mobile Systems may acquire to add valuable pieces that strengthen our team, technologies and infrastructure. Due to confidentiality agreements, we cannot share any more information at this time.

Personal Privacy in an Online World

We sympathize with the public regarding Facebook's aggressive data collection practices and wanted to address this topic as it pertains to VITA.  While VITA also collects and catalogues trending big data, personal privacy has always been a priority for the Company.  Our social media approach is one that emphasizes events and locations rather than personal information and user profiles.   VITA user profiles are semi anonymous, and the VITA platform allows for most content collected to not tie directly to a user's personal information.  This is an area we have invested a lot of time and consideration, and we are confident in our privacy protocols. 

VITA App in BETA Testing

We have seen an amazing response to our call for public beta testers. Public beta testing includes strategically selecting testers in varying locations and with varying devices so that a broad spectrum of items can be properly tested in VITA. Two of our main goals are to test our back-end content infrastructure and artificial intelligence algorithms and tools. 

We are also working with beta testers, our internal team and our proprietary algorithms to continue to build our massive content library.  During beta, we have been adding even more pictures and videos to many locations across the US.  Upon launch, VITA will already have hundreds of thousands of popular destinations and locations pre-loaded in the app. VITA users can then add their unique, uncensored perspectives of those places by adding their own pictures, videos and personal comments. The VITA app is designed to quickly form a user habit of adding content to existing locations as well as creating new locations and events, allowing VITA to exponentially grow both virally and organically upon official launch.

We are all very excited about the future of Vita Mobile Systems, and we look forward to providing regular updates on both our first app VITA as well and our growing content library, proprietary algorithms and any acquisition opportunities.  I encourage anyone interested in learning more about Vita Mobile Systems and the VITA app to visit our website at or to reach out to our IR group at or 949-864-6902.

Best Regards,

Sean Guerrero


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Vita Mobile Systems, Inc. (OTC PINK: VMSI) is a technology company focusing on digital imaging in mobile devices, collection of big data and development of artificial intelligence. Vita Mobile Systems is currently finalizing their first geolocation-based, social media app "VITA" for release on both iOS and Android.  Comprised of a strong foundation of successful entrepreneurs, Vita Mobile Systems has developed proprietary algorithms and tools which gather, categorize, analyze and augment digital content. Over the years, Vita Mobile Systems has used these proprietary marketing, social media, and data collection tools to generate significant amounts of internet traffic for advertising networks. Vita Mobile Systems aims to create a monumental library of crowdsourced content, a massive catalogue of predictive big data, and platform for ultra-targeted advertising. The company expects to establish a strong foundation within the multibillion-dollar industry of driving big data and targeted advertising through its process of cataloging, meta-tagging, analyzing, and predicting trends of everyday people in everyday life.

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