SABR Cryptocurrency Used in U.S. Armed Forces Supply-Chain Transactions

NEW YORK, May 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SABR cryptocurrency (SABR) announces that its coin is being accepted in supply-chain transactions to accommodate U.S. Military customers such as United States Navy and Coast Guard.

The ease of use and financial flow makes the use of SABR a premier option in payment terms.  Ship Supply, Inc., a Private Government Contractor, looks for flexibility, making transaction seamless, less cumbersome, timely and cheaper.  SABR remains a viable payment option for military supply-chain transactions.

Ship Supply, Inc. openly welcomes military supply purchases utilizing SABR as a form of payment.  Recently, Ship Supply, Inc. provided vessels with fuel services, purchased using the SABR coin. Services transactions ranged in value between $10,000 and $850,000US equivalent; based on $30.00 per SABR coin.

Mr. Stern, VP of Bunker Operations at Ship Supply, Inc., stated, “SABR will transform the way we do business in the maritime industry as the Company’s goals for SABR expansion into the maritime are limitless, and at a time of cost conscientiousness. SABR provides a timely and efficient medium for supply-chain transactions for both our commercial and military customers.”

SABR transactions accepted by Mr. Stern’s company Ship Supply, Inc. and its vendors in the maritime industry are in-line with SABR's aggressive strategy in its expansion and controlling the maritime market share in commercial, private and government sector.

About Ship Supply, Inc.: Ship Supply has been a premier provider of goods, services, and seamless port logistics to the maritime industry since 1968. They have developed a reputation for reliable, world-class service through their values of Excellence, Responsibility, Leadership, Collaboration, Integrity, and Passion. This business focus has recently expanded to include the development of new divisions, facilities and the acquisition of related organizations, like Alliance Supply Management and RS Stern, with the grand vision of becoming the most comprehensive provider of marine services in the world,

About SABR Coin: Unlike another cryptocurrency, SABR was created for business transactions, to be back by recognizable financial organizations. SABR is a pre-mined coin with emissions fully completed, no new mining possible, and no ICO. SABR implements a strategy in becoming the most used digital currency in the maritime industry, as well as, integration into merchant processing applications. Growing acceptance continues from large industrial and commercial users and large transactions down to small businesses processing payments using SABR. www.SABR-COIN.TK trades on TradeSatoshi - a reliable cryptocurrency exchange based in the UK -

Risk Statement: The trading, investing, and making a transaction in cryptocurrency, SABR, can be risky; information in this release, as well as information on SABR’s website, are not construed as an offer to buy/sell SABR.

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