JHD Sets Helping Hand Video Project for Small Businesses

Award Winning Video Maker Offers Small Firms Big Company Savvy for Net Ads

DEER PARK, N.Y., May 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JHD Productions, the full service video production studio, announced the “JHD Helping Hand Video Project” for qualified small businesses to create a network-quality TV commercial of 30 seconds for $995 or 60 seconds for $1,495 for use on a company’s website and to share on the Internet.

JHD Founder Hugh Daly said, “We all need a helping hand at times and JHD is pleased to offer our proven expertise to lend that helping hand to small companies to communicate their messages in a professional, effective manner with a focused product or service message to enhance image and build business at a fraction of high production quality costs.”

The JHD Small Business Video Project is open to companies of fewer than 50 employees to create, write, shoot at either 30 or 60-second lengths for use on their websites and across social media or to take to cable or TV as Ads.   “It’s our way of saying thank you for decades of movie and video making success that propelled JHD for nearly four decades,” he said.

At JHD’s state-of-the-art green screen studio in Deer Park, New York, the spots will be produced by JHD’s team using the latest in technical editing support and image creation and generation, with additional cost for those small businesses that may wish to add on-location filming with tracks, jibs and other movie quality equipment, the company noted.

“JHD’s expertise in image videos for companies and organizations to promote their products or positions is being made available at discounted rates this summer to help small businesses.  Video is vital for firms to gain a competitive edge in marketing, image and reputation, training and brand building,” Daly added. 

“Whether for websites, trade shows, TV commercials or product and image presentations, organizations have to present their stories professionally to grow,” added Daly, an accredited Director of Photography whose credentials include full length movies and a vast number of videos for corporate, government and private sector clients.

Daly, who has taught filmmaking and has often been hired by TV networks for his production expertise, added, “Video is a major tool for companies big and small but it must be written, produced and presented with network quality to communicate directly, effectively and with excellent graphics and images, all of which is available at JHD Productions.”

Located on Long Island, New York at 62 South Second Street, Suite E, Deer Park, New York 11729, JHD is online at www.JHDProductionsLtd.net.  Hugh Daly is available to discuss JHD’s “Helping Hand Video Project” by setting an appointment at JHDPrdctns@aol.com or calling 631-595-2818. 

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