DigitalBits Launches Partner Ecosystem Program to Support Blockchain Technology

Forward-Thinking Developers, Service Providers and Businesses Invited to Join the DigitalBits Partner Ecosystem

NEW YORK, May 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Consensus 2018 -- The DigitalBits Foundation today announced the launch of its Partner Ecosystem Program to support the DigitalBits blockchain network and open-source technology.

DigitalBits invites a variety of organizations to join its Partner Ecosystem Program including:

  • Developers and technology companies with new or existing platforms, services or tools to build on the DigitalBits blockchain.
  • Service providers supporting the integration, implementation and ongoing managed services for businesses interested in using the DigitalBits blockchain network.
  • Businesses interested in tokenizing digital assets (such as loyalty and rewards programs) on the DigitalBits blockchain.

Members are also encouraged to contribute to the distributed and decentralized architecture of the DigitalBits blockchain network by operating core blockchain nodes across the globe. Features and benefits of the DigitalBits network include the ability for anyone, including enterprises, to tokenize assets (such as loyalty points & rewards), fast micropayments & remittances, and the cross-asset transfer and trading of value on-chain.

“The response that we have received in support of the DigitalBits Partner Ecosystem Program has been excellent,” said Al Burgio, Founder & CEO, The DigitalBits Foundation. “We are looking forward to sharing news in the coming days and weeks of the various companies that have joined the Partner Ecosystem and the contribution that they each are making to support the DigitalBits blockchain.”

The launch of the Partner Ecosystem Program follows the strong support DigitalBits has received from key industry leaders that have joined its advisory board. DigitalBits’ advisory board members have held leadership positions at American Express, Walmart, Cisco, Red Hat and LoyaltyOne, among other companies in the technology and loyalty and rewards markets.

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If you are a member of the media or analyst community and would like to meet with the Founder and CEO of The DigitalBits Foundation, Al Burgio, from May 14-16, 2018 in NYC at Consensus 2018, please contact

About The DigitalBits Foundation

The DigitalBits Foundation supports the DigitalBits™ open-source project by providing development resources, infrastructure, events and education.  DigitalBits is a secure, low-cost global transaction network and protocol for anyone to use, including but not limited to businesses with loyalty and rewards programs and their users. The DigitalBits Network’s native digital asset (“digitalbits” or “XDB”) secures the network, enables functional use of wallets, and is required to cover nominal transaction fees on the network. Loyalty program operators are able to create their respective loyalty points as digital assets on this decentralized network and users can trade these various digital assets on-chain.

The Foundation’s vision is to see the DigitalBits blockchain help solve portability, security and liquidity issues with certain digital assets, such as Loyalty and Rewards programs, and help generate additional value for consumers, businesses and certain charitable organizations. For more information, please visit

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