Photobucket Introduces New Management Team and Pricing Plan to Address Diverse Customer Needs and Re-establish Customer Trust

New subscription-based offer includes competitive price, storage and third-party image hosting

Denver, May 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Photobucket today announced new, comprehensive and flexible image storage and hosting options that are being rolled out by a new management team focused on doing the right thing for customers. To re-establish trust among its long-standing and new customers, Photobucket has made changes to its pricing model that includes a competitively priced plan that fits the needs of many of its customers.

Photobucket is now offering a new, competitive subscription package with an ad-free experience, storage and third-party image hosting for just $1.99 per month (or $19.99 per year) - which is 95% less than their previous image hosting plan. A free subscription option is still available to customers who do not require third-party image hosting.

Photobucket’s new CEO is Ted Leonard, a technology and finance industry veteran who has deep roots as an entrepreneur. Over the past six months, he has assembled an experienced and customer-focused management team that has been working around the clock to reinvent Photobucket’s pricing structure and packages in a way that will best support customer needs. The new management team has a vision for building a renewed Photobucket that can attentively and fairly serve customers while also moving toward a sustainable business model.

“We have taken back Photobucket and are working diligently to return it to the premier image storing and hosting service that it was known as previously,” said Ted Leonard, CEO, Photobucket. “There were some mistakes made and we acknowledge them. Our new leadership is dedicated to helping our customers do great things with their images in a fair, cost-effective and valuable way.”

As of today, all hosted images that Photobucket’s customers had lost access to last year have been restored.

“There are more changes coming, but we hope that this initial subscription offering and restoring access to customers’ photos will help to reinstate goodwill among our customers who had depended on Photobucket to conduct business and share their work,” said Leonard.

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