Spark Commerce, a Rightpoint Accelerator, Launches to Bring Digital Commerce Storefronts to Market Faster

The Spark Commerce accelerator, powered by Sitecore Experience Commerce™ 9, helps companies build reliable and scalable digital commerce experiences

CHICAGO, May 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rightpoint, an independent customer experience agency with technology at its core, today announces the launch of Spark Commerce, a Rightpoint accelerator that provides a robust and scalable structure to quickly launch digital commerce storefronts. Designed for customers that are new to commerce as well as established brands seeking to open a new sales channel, the Spark Commerce accelerator connects commerce and content, while providing personalized transactional experiences.

With easy-to-edit templates that are customizable to customers’ branding and needs, the Spark Commerce accelerator is equipped with scalable page templates and commerce components that provide a mobile-ready experience and support the full path to purchase. The product also delivers on key commerce capabilities, including support for product variants, extensible shopping carts, one-page checkout processes, user order history, and more. Through these capabilities, customers can build a direct-to-consumer digital storefront that fosters a compelling and engaging user experience, while ultimately driving sales.

“Leveraging digital to enhance the customer experience is the foundation of everything we do at Rightpoint,” said Dale Traxler, Vice President, Commerce Solutions, at Rightpoint. “Through working with commerce companies, we’ve gained a solid understanding of the tools they need to create a streamlined digital customer experience. This is what drove us to create the Spark Commerce accelerator, further demonstrating our commitment to and expertise in digital commerce innovation.”

Key benefits to customers include:

  • Faster time to market through pre-existing templates, components, and business logic.
  • Lower initial investment than needing to design and develop wireframes and test components in house.
  • Reduced risk as each feature is pre-tested to create a solid foundation of base capabilities and the ability to build on extensions.
  • Scalability for novice to experienced commerce customers since the technology includes all required capabilities of a standard direct-to-consumer storefront.

Spark Commerce is powered by Sitecore Experience Commerce 9, the only cloud-enabled platform that natively integrates content and commerce, so brands can fully personalize and individualize the end-to-end shopping experience before, during, and after the transaction. Spark Commerce integrates into Sitecore’s Content and Commerce sub-systems of the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ and leverages Sitecore’s Helix framework.

“We built Sitecore Experience Commerce 9 knowing that it would not only help companies provide the best experience for shoppers, but also significantly impact their overall business success,” said Darren Burris, Vice President Americas, Partners & Alliances, Sitecore. “Rightpoint enabling the Spark Commerce accelerator through our platform is a natural fit for two companies who are rooted in technology to create smart, engaging, and seamless digital customer experiences.”

For more information about Spark Commerce, a Rightpoint accelerator, click here.

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