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SAN DIEGO, May 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Drug Recovery 411 provides Drug Rehab and Intervention for immediate relief that not only renders safety, but added valuable information, support, assistance and relief to families and loved ones of persons suffering with uncontrollable abuse, addiction, co-dependencies, who will not or have not recognized their need for help. Sufferers usually either know too much or know too little, stuck in denial and on a co-dependency for relief from daily living. It is painful and destructive for everyone. Movie and entertainment contracts that hopefully lead to celebrity stardom usually have numerous untold pressures that erupt most normal systems. Often the relief through dependencies evolves into addictions. Athletes often get caught up using steroids or push beyond their pains and become victims of (prescription drugs) the so called relief or cure. From the success driven executives, professions to spouses-(munchausen-somatofrom), dependencies lead to addictions and become a slow destructive means to the end. In a contract or legal matter, DO NOT WAIT!

Self-control: Obsession and fear drive most Participant's to harbor in "rationalized in-depth denial" unable to grasp the slow emotional, uncontrollable death they are experiencing. Often dependencies demonstrably and significantly impair judgment, incredulity or the capacity to recognize reality or to control behavior. The dependency usually further results in psychological or physiological addictions as a function of continued use in such a manner so as to induce significant mental NEUROSIS, emotional combined "dual-diagnosis" with physical impairments, swelling and over-weight, a feeling of isolation/hopelessness, imaginary notions resulting in various improprieties, socially dysfunctional and disorderly behaviors.


DEPENDENCIES: In Sports, Entertainment, Professional arenas, personal prescription opiates like Vicodin, Lortab, oxy-contin, Hydrocodone, Morhpine, Demerol, Darvon, or Heroin result in victimizing a so called recovery process. The procession is a remarkably damaging rigid step-by-step pattern in which one phase merges almost imperceptibly into the next, often taking months or years to go from one step into the next (creating dependencies/addictions) to reach new euphoric effects. The progression occurs in the same form in people of high or low I.Q., great or little education, and in any station of life. Why wait for the inevitable? Call now for details, you'll be glad you did.

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David McVey

Drug Recovery 411

(937) 980-1118

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