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SAN DIEGO, May 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rejuvenation, healing and change is not easy, but with personalized counseling and advanced treatment one can stop the spiral of co-dependencies (artificial sense of pleasant relaxation) that lead to addictions and often we can restore and improve the functioning of a person in those areas which show impairment as a result of fatigue, life-style pressures, obsessions, drug-alcohol dependencies, mental illness, or other uncontrollable disorders {eating/sexual, bipolar i.e. etc.}. Addiction can purge the system of years and years of abuse, depression, hopelessness, chills, shame and fear. Most often addictions (drugs, alcohol) lead to irreparable acute damages of the brain, liver, respiratory, teeth/bones, heart attacks, often strokes, psychotic breaks, feelings of seizures, changes/loss of emotional controls, physical swelling, yellowing/tissue loss and other variable debilitating and destructive factors, i.e. not only a painful life, but just what are the other possible consequences? Why risk everything that is important to you?

HEALING: Through individualized Treatment Programs, multiple collateral assessments and analysis can result in effective relief that also provides a spiraling addict (drugs, i.e. prescriptions, alcohol, food and other co-dependencies) the opportunity to adjust (physically, mentally and in spiritual beliefs) with adaptable change that will allow them to regain control of their life. With co-planning, the change can mitigate damage and empower personal coping methods to prevent a relapse. Through our extraordinary Specialists, advanced therapies and personal counseling, one can begin to see what has been happening, feel relief and realize that he or she is a good person with a uncontrollable emotion, habit, disease, maladjustment or became a victim of prescription craving or trauma.

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