GB Sciences Puts Its Grey Matter To Work Solving The Big Green Riddle...

Quality and consistency of raw materials to research, manufacture and deliver trusted medical-cannabis formulations has been the single largest stumbling block for cannabis-based medical formulations to become mainstream. The stage is now set for this to become a reality thanks to four years of intensive research and development by GB Sciences.

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Las Vegas, NV, May 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GB Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB: GBLX)

For large scale adoption of Cannabis in medical formulations the quality, consistency and trust in the raw ingredients is essential in providing a true scientific base line and prove efficacy in the medical world. To date, no one has been able to solve this all-important riddle...Until now.

 John Poss, Chairman and CEO of GB Sciences explained; “We have been quietly building a formidable cannabis research and development program for the past four years with the aim of  solving the big riddle. We knew that unlocking the properties of the plant and standardizing those properties in a manner that could be reliably replicated was the key to getting cannabis past the current phase of purely anecdotal evidence and prove its true value as a medicine for all patients.” Mr. Poss continued, “The GB Sciences philosophy required assembling a dedicated and disparate team with a singleminded focus on science. This team is perhaps our most noteworthy achievement, and their dogged dedication to a single goal has now paid off on all fronts. We are now ready to make evidence-based botanical medicines and nutraceuticals from cannabis a reality."

Control of two elements is necessary to produce consistent raw ingredients for medical-cannabis products… the original genetics and the growing environments. Tissue culture propagation supplies the answer to the first part of the riddle and precision controlled growing environments provide the answer to the second part.

 “At GB Sciences we have pioneered tissue culture propagation as one important tool for achieving consistency in the genetics we produce”, said Dr. Ulrich Reimann-Philipp, Chief Botanist at GB Sciences. “This technique allows us to produce healthy, genetically identical copies of prime mother plants resulting in optimal cannabinoid and terpene profiles over multiple grow cycles. Tissue culture is also essential for developing novel methods to preserve and improve genetic assets, for example through cryo-preservation.”

 The GB Sciences facility in Las Vegas is a true showplace for the cannabis industry. Unique and innovative in all aspects of cultivation and production it is now producing some of the most highly sought after adult use products in the Nevada market. Besides being the base platform to prove the theory of a consistent and trusted brand, the revenue has been used to fund the hypothesis that being dedicated to scientific proof pays large dividends in the long run.

 Mr. Kevin Keuthe, COO of GB Sciences said, "Our aim is to produce high-quality, consistent raw materials for the end product. So we start with tissue culture propagation to ensure sterility and prevent genetic drift in our strains. Then move the plants into our precision controlled growing environment. Creating this environment has taken constant experimentation and adjustments to perfect. We have now successfully dialed in the optimum balance of state of the art mechanical, electrical and irrigation systems as perfect environmental variables throughout the facility on a strain by strain basis. This is a big deal, and the consistency of our test results and customer return rate bears it out.”

 Consistently high lab test results over multiple grow cycles add the final element to proving the hypothesis.

 “Through statistical analysis of our Finished Flower 5 Lb. Lots, GB Sciences has ascertained that we can produce a consistent product through our tissue culture propagation, facility management, environment control regimens, and strict adherence to operational protocol, regardless of cultivar, within a 95% Confidence Interval”, said Dr. Dominick Monaco, VP Operations and Quality Assurance Manager. “This translates into repeatable quantities of Raw Materials that can then be tiered and sequestered for best use in a given market or condition. In addition, this allows GB Sciences to predict Quantities Produced in any given Production Cycle, as well as plan ahead for market and/or environmental variance such as unforeseen shortages.”

 What this means is that GB can develop cannabis-based medical formulations that will withstand the scrutiny of traditional medical standards, and their efficacy can be truly tracked for the first time. GB has moved the industry past anecdotal evidence to empirical proof.

 “Having consistent raw materials for medical formulations and well-controlled clinical testing will make all the difference to the perception of cannabis as medicine in the future. Many have said that plant-based medicines will never have a place on a traditional pharmacy shelf, but we are dedicated to making cannabis-based medicines a reality for the many patient groups who will benefit from these new therapies”, explained Dr. Andrea Small-Howard, Chief Science Officer. “Our first target to prove the hypothesis was to build a trusted, consistent brand reputation in the adult use recreational market in Nevada. That GB Standardization and Quality will now be carried over to medical formulations; some offered in dispensaries in the near term and others used in the development of FDA-regulated therapies for the treatment of disease states under our current GB cannabis patents.”


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For large scale adoption of Cannabis in medical formulations the quality, consistency and trust in the raw ingredients is essential in providing a true scientific base line and prove efficacy in the medical world. To date, no one has been able to solve this all-important riddle...Until now.

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