5miles Introduces New Accelerator Service for Auto Dealers

Mobile-first marketplace, already integrated with top dealer management systems, improves technology to better connect car buyers with local sellers

Dallas, Texas, UNITED STATES

Dallas, May 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 5miles, one of the largest local marketplaces online, connecting car buyers with sellers in their community, has introduced a business solution for auto dealers in the U.S. The new Accelerator Package improves on 5miles’ existing inventory and C.R.M. integration, with a variety of dealer-driven features that set the 5miles marketplace apart as a leading buy/sell platform. 

As a top car-buying app, 5miles boasts more than 10 million vehicle detail page views on 575,000 vehicles listed on the marketplace. This higher-than-industry average V.D.P. per vehicle has led to billions of dollars in vehicles marked sold, to date, on 5miles.

“5miles bridges the gap that consumers currently face when shopping for a car on a mobile device,” Valerie Coleman, 5miles’ National Sales Director, said. “Our platform is easy to use, relevant and allows shoppers to connect with car dealers in ways they are unable to on a desktop. Our dealers get to take advantage of 5miles’ technology and user base to find customers where they are the most: on their mobile devices.”

5miles offers attributions you cannot find on similar peer-to-peer shopping apps. Among the Accelerator’s key features/benefits:

  • Click-to-Call function, enabling prospective buyers to call a seller at their fingertips
  • Directions to a dealership in order to drive walk-in traffic
  • One-touch click access to a dealer’s website and entire inventory
  • Removal of competitor listings from the V.D.P.
  • A separate “buy here, pay here” category option
  • User-friendly dashboard and C.R.M lead integration 

From data that attributes users to where they are looking at your cars, to measurable  website clicks and click-to-call activity, to a log of recorded calls ready for playback, Accelerator customers can access a wealth of information to empower sales efforts.

In addition, the Accelerator Package offers the inventory integration to which dealers have become accustomed, eliminating the need to manually manage inventory while providing the opportunity to merchandise vehicles with more photos that set participating dealers—and their listings—apart.

One of the most popular shopping apps on both Android and iOS devices, 5miles has grown into an online community of 14 million users nationwide. Every month, the 5miles marketplace facilitates $250 million in peer-to-peer transactions. In the car category alone, 5miles has become one of the top 10 auto platforms by listing volume. 

The app itself is the first of its kind to bring together buyers and sellers of second-hand goods and local services (including housing and jobs): real items from real people in real time—all within five miles. From cars, trucks, and motorcycles, to auto body and glass, installation and repair, and washing and detailing on the service side, 5miles is delivering a dynamic shopping and aftermarket service experience. 

For more information about the 5miles’ business solutions for auto dealers, go to 5milesfordealers.com. 

About 5miles 

5miles is a free, local marketplace app, one of the fastest-growing online shopping ventures in the United States. The app is the first of its kind to include services, housing and jobs, in addition to second-hand trading. 5miles launched in January 2015, immediately setting itself apart with an easy-to-use mobile interface, identity verification capabilities (for added safety and security), mobile payment and shipping options, and a hyper-local curation of offerings users can search—all within their very own neighborhoods. Since then, buyers and sellers in every major market coast-to-coast have transacted more than $5 billion in merchandise through 5miles, which Google Play has ranked a top 10 shopping app. Learn more at 5miles.com.  

App Store: m.onelink.me/5fc10133 
Google Play: m.onelink.me/674211f2


5miles introduces its new Accelerator Package, designed to help auto dealers sell more cars, faster.

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