Onist financial platform is first to partner with data platform Quovo in Canada

Through the partnership, Onist and Quovo will enhance user access to a broader range of Canadian accounts and financial data

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA


  • Onist is the first company to partner with Quovo as they expand into Canada.
  • The partnership will let Onist bring Canadian consumers and the advisor community the quick and reliable financial data aggregation Americans have enjoyed for years.
  • Now, Onist users can sync their Canadian accounts, such as RRSPs and TFSAs, which weren’t available in Canadian data aggregation before.
  • This partnership enhances advisors’ ability to see their clients’ entire financial picture across accounts from the clients’ institution-agnostic Onist dashboard.

TORONTO, May 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Onist, a collaborative financial management platform that connects families around their financial accounts and important documents, and Quovo, a data platform providing connectivity to consumer financial accounts, announced a partnership to provide more robust and reliable financial data to Onist’s Canadian clients; the partnership marks Quovo’s first in Canada.

Bolstered by an investment from Portag3 Ventures announced this month, Quovo has localized its technology to accommodate for Canadian account types and institutions. The new Onist-Quovo partnership improves Onist’s ability to enable professionals and consumers to see their financial data from these new Canadian accounts, credit unions and investment accounts, in addition to more common bank accounts and credit cards, in one comprehensive dashboard where they can get a full picture of their clients’ or family’s net worth and cash flow. Together, Onist and Quovo are increasing consumers’ access to their own disparate financial data to make better-informed decisions for their families.

Onist CEO Brad Kotansky said, “Onist is all about helping families and their advisors collaborate around household finances - and having access to your complete, reliable Canadian financial data is key to that. We are thrilled to partner with Quovo and feel strongly that we can help bring Canadians the same financial insight Americans have had for years. There’s never been a better time for Canadian families to be able see and digest all of their important financial information in one place.”

“Quovo aims to create the transparency needed for consumers and advisors to make healthier financial decisions. Onist’s commitment to giving families a complete view of their finances aligns perfectly with our mission, making the company an ideal early partner for Quovo in Canada,” said Lowell Putnam, co-founder and CEO of Quovo. “We look forward to providing Onist’s users and their financial advisors with the technology necessary to improve their financial health.”

Onist has a strong relationship with MaRS Discovery District, one of the world’s largest urban innovation hubs. MaRS’ Senior Advisor for fintech, Roy Kao, was excited by the news: “I’m thrilled to see Quovo come to Canada and partner with a leading-edge financial platform venture like Onist. We see improved access to data in Canada as critical to the continued acceleration of innovation and adoption of fintech innovation, and Onist’s partnership with Quovo is a tremendous step towards this goal.”

About Quovo
Quovo is a data platform providing connectivity to consumer financial accounts. Quovo centralizes, organizes, and enriches data from millions of accounts across more than 14,000 institutions to provide businesses with a comprehensive picture of each customers’ financial identity. With industry-specific solutions, clients from emerging fintech startups to Fortune 500 companies rely on Quovo for its seamless technology and rich data insights to deliver more personalized and frictionless customer experiences. Quovo’s unparalleled coverage of the financial ecosystem, powerful data analytics, and flexible deployment options propels businesses in uncovering opportunities to grow their relationships with customers. www.quovo.com

About Onist
Onist, the world’s first collaborative financial platform that gives families and professionals a complete picture of household net worth and cash flow, was founded in 2015 to make collaborating around household finances simple. Families can quickly connect all their financial accounts, secure important documents in an encrypted vault, and share what they want to with other family members and their trusted financial professionals. Onist makes it easy for families with complex finances to manage their money with their spouse or help their aging parents with their finances. Onist also has a companion iPhone app and enterprise solution for advisors coming soon. www.onist.com

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