Metroplex Management Group Announces Largest Expansion Project Yet

DALLAS, TX , May 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Metroplex Management Group, premiere advertising and marketing firm in the Dallas area, has recently announced their expansion to the Philadelphia area. According to the Director of Operations at the firm, Bill Bishop, this is one of the largest expansion projects that the company has accomplished yet.

“When we decide to expand, we usually promote one manager to oversee the expansion,” explained Bishop. “The plans we have for the Philadelphia market are much larger than we anticipated. So we’ll be having not one, but three managers leading the expansion.”

Among the managers hand-picked by Bishop himself to direct the new Philadelphia market are Matthew Rohrer, James Lane, and Michael Caison. While all of the managers come from different backgrounds and even parts of the country, Bishop is confident that they have the tools necessary to work together and conquer the Philadelphia market.

“Between the three, they have a combined 9 years of experience in marketing and sales, every one of the managers has a skill set that compliments the other. So I have no doubts that they’ll be accomplishing big things in Philadelphia for themselves and our clients,” asserted Bishop.

Not only do the managers have numerous years of experience under their belt, but they also have experience overseeing different markets in the Midwest and Southern region of the United States.

All managers come from different backgrounds as well. Before beginning his career in marketing, Caison came from the dietary management profession and studied retail management. Rohrer graduated with a degree in political science from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA and Lane graduated with a degree in sports management and coaching in 2014.

While all managers come from career fields outside of marketing, they all felt a calling after joining Metroplex Management Group and working with their clients. According to managers, it was the growth potential for both the clients and themselves as business partners that attracted them to a career in marketing and sales.
“The culture at Metroplex Management group is based on having integrity, a hard work ethic, and having fun,” Caison said. “But really sealed the deal for me was the dedication to promotions based on merit instead of seniority. The fact that hard work gets recognized regardless of seniority level really stood out to me.”

According to Bishop, he has carried this ideology throughout the entirety of his eight years in business. When asked why he implements this particular kind of internal growth structure, Bishop responded by explaining how it has helped his business grow exponentially.

“When you base growth on the quality of someone’s work as opposed to the amount of time they’ve been with a company, you see how much drive a person has to succeed. The people that succeed in business don’t wait around and hope for growth to happen, they go out and they fight for it. Those are the types of individuals that I’m looking for to join our company and help our team and our clients grow even more,” said Bishop.

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