TSO Logic Adds Support for Google Cloud Platform

Industry’s most accurate cloud planning platform can now help enterprises quickly find the best-fit, lowest-cost placements in all three of the world’s largest public clouds

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TSO Logic, a leading analytics platform for discovery and cloud planning, today announced that its predictive analytics platform now supports Google Cloud Platform. TSO Logic has long been a top-tier partner with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, helping enterprises identify the best-fit, lowest-cost options when migrating from on-premise to public and private cloud. With the addition of Google Cloud Platform, TSO Logic now extends that support to all three of the world’s leading public clouds.

The TSO Logic platform uses algorithmic analysis to discover the costs and utilization of an organization’s on-premise compute, including storage and licensed software. It then automatically identifies the optimal placement for each operating system (OS) instance from millions of possible cloud options. These capabilities are extremely valuable for companies trying to identify what their true cost of cloud will be. With the Google Cloud Platform’s custom configurations, there are theoretically infinite options to customize cloud configurations, making an analytics-driven approach extremely beneficial.

TSO Logic launched its support for Google Cloud Platform in beta several months ago. Already, organizations using the platform to model future-state costs with Google Cloud Platform are seeing an average 36% savings over their current on-premise costs.

“One of Google Cloud Platform’s competitive advantages is the ability to create custom instance sizes based on your needs,” says Aaron Rallo, Chief Executive Officer of TSO Logic. “We worked closely with the experts at Google Cloud to ensure that our algorithm produces the optimal hardware and software configuration, at the best price, to fit your workload patterns while maximizing savings.”

Using the TSO Logic platform, organization’s can quickly zero in on the Google Cloud Platform configurations that best meet their resource needs at the lowest cost. Companies will be able to quickly analyze all of Google Cloud’s unique attribute configurations. The platform automatically accounts for extended memory options, stateless software licenses that are only billed while in use, and monthly sustained use discounts—analysis that would be enormously difficult, if not impossible, using spreadsheets or other manual tools. Using the industry’s most accurate directional costing analysis, enterprises will then be able to build a data-backed business case for cloud and continually validate that their migration plan is delivering the results they expect.

The TSO Logic Platform is available directly to organization’s to support their cloud migration planning. Google Cloud Platform funding may be available for qualified accounts.

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TSO Logic provides the most accurate data-driven recommendations to right-size and right-cost compute. We show the actual performance, utilization and TCO of your current environments and cloud alternatives, so you can optimize spending and develop a data-backed business case for change.


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