Curo Releases React Native Version of Mobile Application

Curo mobile task management now accessible within any environment, including iOS and Android

Atlanta, May 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Atlanta mobile task management provider Curo announced today that the Curo application is now deployed on the React Native development framework, enabling Curo to run optimally in any mobile environment, such as iOS or Android.

Curo is a robust, yet simple, GPS-enabled mobile task management application designed to identify tasks and streamline work on a jobsite, within the four walls of a building, off-site delivery/maintenance or any workplace with multiple projects and assignments. The Curo app captures every needed activity—including technology implementations and environmental health & safety (EHS) compliance requirements—and delegates tasks to the right workers while providing in-app communication and video workflow guidance throughout the project. When work is completed, Curo enables multi-media proof of completion that the job was done correctly, the first time.

Atlanta’s NPSG Global uses the Curo application to streamline and complete tasks for regional managers, project managers and workers in fulfillment center installations:

“Our deployment timelines are complex, rapid and time-critical. Curo helps our project managers eliminate the usual chaos and streamline communication with our clients and team throughout the entire project,” said Danny Davis, Regional Project Manager, Robotics at NPSG Global. “Our entire workforce is connected on the Curo platform, which enables our leaders to be virtually on-site 24/7, know where every project stands, and assure the right people get the right information to do every single task completely and on-time.”

React Native is an open source project started by Facebook that allows developers to build cross-platform mobile apps with the ability to share code and business behaviors across the iOS and Android platforms.

“We’re moving fast to enable digital, mobile workforces of any size to eliminate chaos and get work done right with less effort—no small task. Developing in React Native ensures that we can add features rapidly, and that workers on any mobile platform can access Curo to ensure efficiency and compliance on jobsites and in their workplace,” said Greg White, Chief Executive Officer, Curo.

Curo is based in Atlanta, Ga. For more information, please visit


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