Adesto’s DataFlash Memory Adopted by Elexa Consumer Products, Inc. for its Dome Home Automation Products

Santa Clara, California, UNITED STATES

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adesto Technologies (NASDAQ:IOTS), a leading provider of innovative application-specific semiconductors for the IoT era, announced that Elexa Consumer Products, Inc. is using its DataFlash memory in its Dome Home Automation products. Designed for low-power operation, high system efficiency and secure data storage, Adesto’s DataFlash products are incorporated in the Z-Wave chipsets at the heart of Dome products. 

Adesto DataFlash memory is used in Dome’s home security products including their motion, siren, and door/window sensors, all connected via Z-Wave technology. DataFlash memory is also incorporated into Elexa’s Guardian Leak Detection System which shuts off the water supply source when a leak is detected, providing homeowners with real-time monitoring and protection from expensive repairs.

“Our products require very little power to operate,” said Michael Thariath, Technical Marketing Manager at Elexa Consumer Products, Inc. “Compared to a window sensor that would quickly drain the battery using Wi-Fi wireless technology, the Dome Z-Wave product can run smoothly for two or more years without ever needing the battery changed. Adesto’s DataFlash is optimized for low-power and OTA operation, making it a great fit for our products.”

In addition to providing power savings and security features, DataFlash memory, with its efficient page erase/page write architecture enables system designers to build effective over-the-air (OTA) update functions into their smart home and other wireless devices. This capability allows end users to update system data and firmware in the home, a desirable feature to keep pace with rapidly changing architectures and protocols in smart home network devices and hubs.

“Commodity memory devices are not optimized for the functionality or energy consumption requirements of smart, connected products,” said Paul Hill, Senior Marketing Director at Adesto. “Our DataFlash memory helps to extend the usability and lifetime of low-power battery-operated systems such as Elexa Consumer Products innovative Dome Home Automation products.”

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Elexa Consumer Products, headquartered in Chicago, is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-tech electrical components. By creating innovative, connected devices and systems for property owners, we empower our clients to truly own their homes and businesses. Attention to detail, top-rated components, and top-notch engineering make Elexa Consumer Products the smart choice for integrators, businesses and end users alike.

The Dome Home Automation brand, a subsidiary of Elexa Consumer Products, offers high-quality Z-Wave home automation products at affordable prices. From door sensors to water leak detectors, these wireless products make it simple for homeowners and businesses to install and use smart devices. Guardian provides fully autonomous water damage prevention. An easy-to-install Valve Controller connects to your existing water main and communicates with Leak Detectors throughout your home to take action at the first sign of a leak, flood, earthquake, limiting the damage done to your home.

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