eleven-x, ESCRYPT, and OrbiWise Collaborate to Integrate Innovative Wireless IoT Data Security Solution

Solution Brings Unprecedented Level of Data Security to Canada’s Coast-to-Coast IoT Network

Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA

WATERLOO, Ontario, June 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- eleven-x Inc., operator of Canada’s first and only coast-to-coast public low power network optimized for the Internet of Things [IoT], ESCRYPT, a global leader in software and communications security, and OrbiWise, developers of OrbiWANTM, the leading LoRaWAN™ network server, are pleased to announce the integration of ESCRYPT’s new KMS for LoRaWANTM with the OrbiWANTM server on eleven-x’s network, bringing unprecedented levels of data security to all Smart City and IoT applications utilizing the network.

The new solution tackles the issue of secure key management by securely storing unique keys for LoRaWANTM devices in the ESCRYPT KMS for LoRaWANTM system.  The secure handling of the keys through this system allows the full security that is inherent in LoRaWANTM to be fully realized while removing the expense and risk of manual key handling.  Customers can be assured of the mutual authentication of the device and network while the data communicated over the eleven-x network is encrypted from the device through to the customer’s application server, protecting the customer’s application data from end-to-end.

The integration brings together the expertise of three of the world’s leading Internet of Things [IoT] organizations to set new standards in terms of data security from device to dashboard. ESCRYPT is an acknowledged global leader in software security for communications and connectivity for the Internet of Things and Smart Automotive industries. OrbiWAN™ from OrbiWise has been the LNS choice of network operators across the globe by supplying the most up-to-date LoRaWANTM specification support, and the flexibility to add extra security via key management and join server support. The eleven-x LoRaWANTM network is optimized for the Internet of Things and enables the promise of Smart Cities, Buildings, Campuses and Enterprise IoT applications across Canada.

“Sensitivity around data security and privacy is a key factor with our customers and IoT applications in general,” said Dan Mathers, President and CEO of eleven-x Inc. “We are really excited to be working with world-class partners like OrbiWise and ESCRYPT to help deliver unmatched levels of security for our customers.”

“We partnered with eleven-x and OrbiWise to develop the ESCRYPT-KMS so satisfy the needs of module manufacturers, server providers and network operators in the LoRaWANTM ecosystem. The goal was to offer security best practices for customers of a LoRaWANTM network” said Tony Rosati, Director of IOT Security at ESCRYPT.

“OrbiWise values the relationship with our partners at eleven-x and was excited at the prospect of helping them create an even more secure network as they expand across Canada by partnering with ESCRYPT to integrate their excellent KMS for LoRaWANTM key management solution with our industry leading OrbiWANTM LNS,” said Domenico Arpaia, CEO of OrbiWise.

Supporting the use of low-cost battery powered sensors, the eleven-x network addresses IoT applications where requirements include wireless connectivity, devices that require long battery life, no maintenance and a low total cost of ownership.

About ESCRYPT [a Division of Bosch Group]
ESCRYPT is the leading system provider for embedded security world-wide. With locations in Germany, France, UK, Sweden, USA, Canada, India, China, Korea, and Japan we have security specialists available to help with current security topics such as secure M2M-communication, IT-security in the Internet of Things, protection of e- business models and automotive security and they develop highly secure, worldwide valued products and solutions which are tailored to the specific requirements of embedded systems and the relevant IT-infrastructure and are tested and proven a million times in automotive series production. For further information: www.escrypt.com

About OrbiWise
OrbiWise SA is a leading international solution provider for LPWA IoT networks based on LoRaWAN™ technology and is a Contributor Member of the LoRa™ Alliance.  OrbiWise’s customers deploy LPWA networks in smart city, precise agriculture and industrial applications – amongst others. OrbiWise’s OrbiWANTM LoRaWANTM Network Server (LNS) Solution is an industry-leading product that provides the intelligence to run, maintain and observe the operations of LoRaWAN™ Networks.  The company is headquartered in Plan-Les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland with additional offices in Mumbai, India, Macedonia and Atlanta, Georgia, USA. For more information: www.orbiwise.com

About eleven-x Inc.
eleven-x, a Contributing Member of the LoRa Alliance™, is a next-generation network operator enabling the Internet of Things [IoT]. Our low power wide area network [LPWAN] is Canada’s first and only public coast-to-coast network supporting the use of low-cost sensors and devices for a variety of Smart City and Enterprise IoT applications. Based on LoRaWAN™, an international standard backed by over 500 companies, our carrier-grade network enables customers in the private and public sectors to efficiently and cost-effectively manage assets, create and maintain Smart Cities, and realize environmental sustainability. Visit eleven-x.com for more information.

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