CampaignDrive Launching New Website To Reflect New Branding

Marketing Software Firm Publishes New Brand Compliant Website

New York, New York, June 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CampaignDrive by Pica9, a marketing software firm headquartered in New York City, is switching their website URL from Pica9(.com) to CampaignDrive(.com) to reflect the new focus of CampaignDrive. The new branding is symbolic of CampaignDrive’s organizational growth from a custom software company to a SaaS organization with strategic marketing insights, and a focus on their standalone SaaS product, CampaignDrive. The firm will launch the new website this week, though the new branding has been apparent on their social media profiles since the brand relaunch earlier this month.

A driving factor behind rebuilding the website was the need for a more powerful content management system; CampaignDrive decided to make the switch to the HubSpot platform in order to simplify the management of their digital marketing tactics, better facilitate testing, and utilize dynamic content more effectively. The redesigned CampaignDrive website has notable layout and navigation improvements, designed to follow consumer conversion best practices. As the digital era ushers on and more consumers are using their mobile phones to access information quickly, it isn’t surprising that over 50% of CampaignDrive’s site traffic comes from users on mobile devices. As a result, the firm made it a priority to curate the new website with a mobile-first approach, both to ensure that it is effective and responsive regardless of the user-device type, and to capitalize on search engine optimization (SEO) and local search rankings. "We chose to build the site on HubSpot because it will allow us to consolidate our marketing activities on a single platform, and enable us to quickly adapt to the needs of our audiences," said Jeff Riggs, Marketing Operations and Analytics Director at CampaignDrive.

The new website is completely compliant with the new branding, and CampaignDrive’s new logo, fonts, and messaging are weighted heavily throughout. Leading with a bold blue followed by deeper navy and complimentary greys, the core palette is limited and focuses on conveying confidence and clarity. Use of this color palette, balanced out with a refined use of white space and clean brand-compliant images, make the website copy easily digestible. Updated action photos of CampaignDrive employees in branded sweatshirts are tastefully placed throughout the site, alongside photos of their (well-branded) New York City office. In terms of the site’s navigation, the vertical navigation menu at the header of each page has been simplified in order to streamline the user journey to the information they are looking for. To the same effect, CampaignDrive also completely restructured their website blog and blog strategy, as well as placed inbound links to the most frequently visited website pages in the footer menu of each page.

CampaignDrive’s redesigned website works to further establish a refreshed brand identity while ensuring that users can easily access the information that they need. CampaignDrive by Pica9 is focused on providing the best consumer experience possible by combining their SaaS solution and strategic insights with trustworthy and intuitive branding. The culmination of strategic thinking, marketing technology, and bright new branding differentiate CampaignDrive from competing marketing solutions.

ABOUT CAMPAIGNDRIVE™ BY PICA9CampaignDrive™ by Pica9 is a Software as a Service company based in midtown Manhattan, just steps away from the advertising industry's fabled Madison Avenue. CampaignDrive™ by Pica9, serves as the marketing on demand platform for more than 100 multi-location brands and over 100,000 local marketers (franchisees, dealers, and retailers) worldwide. Whether it is solving for the high cost of marketing operations in multiple locations or for inconsistency with global brand standards, CampaignDrive’s customer success experts serve as strategic partners to help your business maximize the impact of your marketing materials. By combining advanced digital asset management and content management capabilities with dynamic templating tools, CampaignDrive makes it possible to maximize value for your local partners with timely, relevant, and on-brand assets, effectively improving brand integrity, accelerating time-to-market, and decreasing marketing production costs by up to 95%. CampaignDrive helps you distribute marketing collateral quickly, with support from experts who understand your business.Pica9 can now be found at the following social media handles: Twitter/Facebook - @CampaignDrive_, LinkedIn - CampaignDrive by Pica9###


CampaignDrive's new website homepage. CampaignDrive's new logo and brand color palette.

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