Precipio Strengthens Patent Portfolio with Expanded Kit Claims for its Liquid Biopsy Enabling DNA Mutation Enrichment Technology

NEW HAVEN, Conn., June 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Specialty cancer diagnostics company Precipio, Inc. (NASDAQ:PRPO), today announced the award of US patent No. 9,957,556 entitled FULL COLD-PCR ENRICHMENT WITH REFERENCE BLOCKING SEQUENCE, to Harvard-affiliated Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the licensor of Precipio’s ICE-COLD PCR DNA enrichment platform, and to Precipio’s scientific advisory board member Dr. Gerassimos (Mike) Makrigiorgos.

The agreement between Precipio and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute provides for the exclusive, worldwide license rights for ICE-COLD PCR and related technologies.

Significance of Patent

While previous patents issued on ICE COLD-PCR related to process methods, the new patent protects the use and application of kits containing reagents essential to performing ICE-COLD PCR.

The patent portfolio related to ICE COLD-PCR and COLD-PCR now includes 17 separate patents.

The newly issued patent further strengthens the global patent portfolio surrounding ICE COLD-PCR and the use of ICP liquid biopsy technology in mutation enrichment kits with nine additional patent claims. 

The ICP patent portfolio will enable Precipio to continue advances in the ICP kit product portfolio and provide customers consistent quality and cost effective liquid biopsy technology for tumor analysis, therapeutic monitoring and recurrence monitoring. 

ICE COLD-PCR Advantages

ICP is an enrichment technology that enables the laboratory to focus analysis on the tumor DNA by enriching, and thereby “multiplying” the presence of tumor DNA, while maintaining the level of normal DNA.

Once the enrichment process is completed, the laboratory’s genetic testing equipment can identify genetic abnormalities present in the circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), and an analysis can be conducted at a level of sensitivity that enables the detection of such genetic abnormalities within liquid biopsies.

The technology is encapsulated into a reagent provided in the form of a kit and sold to other laboratories who wish to conduct these tests in-house. The reagent within the kit is added to the specimen preparation process, enriching the sample for the mutations within the tumor DNA so that the analysis will detect those genetic abnormalities.

“Our competitive barriers to entry are strengthened with each new patent associated with ICE COLD PCR,” commented Ilan Danieli, Precipio CEO. “This is particularly critical with our ICP kits and this new US patent improves the value of this very important license.”

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