Flashtalking Announces Public Beta of New Ad Management Platform Answering Advertiser Demand for Independent Enterprise Solution

NEW YORK, June 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Flashtalking, the leading global independent platform for ad management, data activation and unified insights today announces the August 2018 launch of a public beta for its new Campaign Manager. The launch delivers an expansive update of the Flashtalking ad server workflow tool used by global brands and agencies for over a decade to carry out business critical tasks required for cross channel digital advertising.

Building on Flashtalking’s reputation as the independent ad server of choice for data driven advertisers, the new Campaign Manager has been specifically designed as more intuitive to use, faster and more responsive in accomplishing key tasks than other ad servers. The expansive update includes multi-channel set-up, advertiser site tagging, campaign management, trafficking, quality assurance and data and insights to accurately measure effectiveness and optimize performance.

The new Campaign Manager brings four innovations to digital ad management:

  • At-a-glance dashboarding – an instant view of campaign health with real time alerts
  • Frequency management – the ability to implement a global cap on the number of ads shown across DSPs and media partners
  • FTrack cookieless tracking – overcoming the inaccuracy of cookie based measurement
  • Personalization at its heart – data driven creative including video and native DCO
  • IDconnect - enhanced data integration and transfer for better analytics

In addition to ensuring ease of use, Flashtalking is the only ad serving provider that does not handle media buying and profiling at any stage. This provides advertisers with the guaranteed unbiased reporting data necessary for media auditing and optimizations, and the advantage of transparent data transfer incorporating anonymous user IDs for attribution.

“Our new Campaign Manager is squarely aimed at delivering the fastest and most efficient digital ad management tool in market,” said Anthony Yam, Chief Product Officer, Flashtalking. “We’ve focused on what’s important: improving workflows to save time and cost, APIs for easy connectivity to advertiser and agency tech stacks, and user level data outputs to provide the vital ‘single source of truth’ to measure cross channel performance.”

Featuring a new user interface and with frictionless connectivity at its heart, Campaign Manager empowers users to work faster and smarter, leveraging APIs and seamless integrations with preferred data sources including DSPs, DMPs and Ad Verification partners. Meeting the demands of global businesses, the new tool encompasses a fully searchable knowledge base, training program documentation and a well staffed global help desk.

John Nardone, Flashtalking CEO, said, “We’re genuinely excited to bring this complete transformation of Campaign Manager to market. Our teams are entirely focused on the demands of today’s sophisticated digital advertisers and combine our years of primary ad server experience with advances in technology to deliver the best approach for the mature industry ecosystem.” He continued, “We see a real demand from brands and agencies for a flexible ad server that doesn’t expect you to buy your media through it - being free of the buy side enables us to focus on what clients want – the ability to save time and cost, easily connect to their tech partners and control their data.”

Registration for the August public beta is now open. Contact sales@flashtalking.com for more information.

About Flashtalking
Flashtalking is a data-driven ad management and analytics technology company. We help sophisticated marketers use data to personalize advertising, analyze its effectiveness and optimize performance across channels and formats.  Our platform leads the market with innovative products and services to ensure creative relevance and unbiased, actionable insights, powered by proprietary cookieless tracking, data unification and algorithmic attribution.  Born in the UK, established worldwide, Flashtalking spans the globe with offices in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles,  Chicago, London, Leeds, Cologne, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and Sydney. For more information visit www.flashtalking.com.

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