Violet Gro to Partner with Local Grow Collaborative

Colorado growers to test the benefits of UV light for indoor growing

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo., June 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Violet Gro, an agricultural LED lighting company announced the start of a local research consortium to evaluate and further the development of solutions that will incorporate the benefits of ultraviolet light into indoor growing of hemp.  The consortium will include Violet Gro, Colorado Hemp Solutions, Salt Creek Hemp Company, and Speedy Grow.

“As part of our commitment to hemp, based on the impact we know it can have on people’s lives, we want to be a part of collaborations like this one that are working to advance the industry.  We truly believe that this part of Colorado can become a major part of the supply chain for cannabinoids worldwide,” said Wacey Clarke, Owner of Colorado Hemp Solutions.

“Violet Gro is an exciting company that combines innovation and technology with manufacturing and agriculture and we’re looking forward to seeing the hemp industry grow in western Colorado. This type of collaboration is unique and a great example of the collaborative spirit that exists here in Grand Junction” said Robin Brown, Executive Director of the Grand Junction Economic Partnership.

The initial focus of this collaboration will be to evaluate best practices for incorporating UV-A and/or UV-B light into the indoor grow process to provide enhanced benefits to the plants and to protect the plants from infections and pests. 

“Violet Gro’s patented technology enables our light bars to incorporate UV light without the risk of lens degradation and LED destruction that occurs with other lighting on the market.  This consortium will allow us to further explore the impact that UV can have for growers as well as the optimal ways to deploy it during the grow process,” said Terrance Berland, CEO of Violet Defense Group, the parent company of Violet Gro.

Numerous studies have shown that the right UV spectrums can drive increases in the plant production of active substances in medicinal plants, including antioxidant benefits of numerous plants, as well as cannabinoids.  Speedy Grow, a new hemp extraction specialist will help assess the impact that the UV light has on the various cannabinoid levels in the plants produced.

“Our commitment as a local company is to work very collaboratively with strategic partners, as we believe this valley can be known for the highest quality CBD anywhere in the nation.  We are excited about the potential for UV integration into the growing process and the opportunity to produce higher quality and healthier crops,” said Dustin Jensen, co-owner of Speedy Grow.

In addition to the ability to enhance the medicinal benefits of plants, UV light can also help maintain a healthy growing environment by reducing mold, mildew, and certain plant pests – all of which need alternatives to chemicals due to increasing fungicidal resistance. 

Powdery mildew has been shown to be a significant threat to indoor growers, causing widespread disease to crops, ranging from strawberries and tomatoes to hemp.  This is also true of spider mites that can expand rapidly throughout a crop, significantly reducing yields or even destroying entire harvests.

“We are excited to be a part of this research to evaluate UV as a way to not only further improve the quality of our product, but also address some of our biggest challenges, including spider mites which are a huge threat to our crops,” said Margaret MacKenzie with Salt Creek Hemp Co. 

To learn more about this new collaboration, join us at the 3rd Annual Hemp on the Slope, July 21, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Salt Creek Ranch – Collbran Colorado.  The event is hosted by Salt Creek Hemp Company and Violet Gro is serving as the Farm-to-Table Dinner Sponsor for the event. 

About Violet Gro:

Violet Gro brings together patented technology with cutting-edge design to optimize plant growth in indoor growing.  The right lighting plays a critical role in the ability to grow healthy, viable plants, but Violet Gro also believes in focusing on the system economics of growing.  Our lighting designs - create a more cost-effective, long-term solution to indoor agriculture by giving your plants more light with less heat, which results in lower energy costs.  For more information, visit

About Colorado Hemp Solutions:
Colorado Hemp Solutions (CHS) exists to create premium phyto-cannabinoid rich industrial hemp materials in a sustainable and responsible manner. All the products offered by CHS are derived from hemp grown in our own fields and facilities, offering the peace of mind to consumers that we are entirely accountable for these offerings.  Mesa, Delta, and Montrose counties of Western Colorado represent the most ideal microclimate in the world for growing premium high CBD hemp. Our superior location and premium genetics take full advantage of the conditions in the arid high desert.  We are excited to be at the forefront of the hemp revolution that is changing the world by getting CBD products into the hands of consumers in need. 

About Salt Creek Hemp Company:

Through sustainable and organic cultivation of industrial hemp, the goal of the Salt Creek Hemp Company is to provide a quality product for the unlimited applications for hemp.  The company was founded by four friends that decided to do something good, not only for themselves, but for their community and the environment.  Salk Creek Hemp Co is the annual host for Hemp on the Slope, a hemp-centric event focused on the topics of farming industrial hemp for food, fuel, fiber, animal nutrition and bedding, building materials, paper and textiles, dietary supplements and many other benefits of the non-psychoactive cannabis-hemp crop.

About Speedy Grow, Inc:
Speed Grow, Inc is a CBD extraction facility located in Grand Junction. The company is partnering with local hemp farmers to provide Speedy Veg, an organic growth supplement, as well as provide extraction services for them to generate higher quality refined product that can sell for higher prices.  The company does not charge for its extraction services, but rather, offers a revenue-sharing model for its customers.

About Grand Junction Economic Partnership
The Grand Junction Economic Partnership (GJEP) is the official economic development agency for Colorado’s Grand Valley.  GJEP works to recruit and retain businesses in the cities of Grand Junction and Fruita, the town of Palisade and surrounding regions. As a private non-profit incorporated organization, we provide free business services and operate with the support of our generous investors and economic development partners.

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