DX Journal, OneEleven launch #ScaleStrategy editorial series to help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, June 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Whether it’s growing a business from startup infancy, or managing a growing project within a large organization, scaling is extremely difficult.

Even with a roadmap in place, disruptive high-growth startups must learn how to navigate blocks and challenges they haven’t considered or planned for. Digital transformation projects within large enterprise companies are challenging as well, often moving at a glacial pace due to bureaucracy and legacy.

Recognizing the need for more practical lessons from those who have done it, DX Journal and OneEleven launch #ScaleStrategy. The co-developed editorial series will deliver insights, advice, and practical recommendations to innovative and disruptive entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Upcoming interviews, features, and first-hand reports from experienced individuals include:

  • Mike Katchen, CEO, Wealthsimple
  • Dean Hopkins, Chief Growth Officer, OneEleven
  • Albert Lai, CEO, Big Viking Games
  • Kerry Munro, SVP, Connected Retail, Canadian Tire
  • Paul Teshima, CEO, Nudge.ai
  • Eva Wong, COO, Borrowell

"The number one lesson that I have learned as an entrepreneur and CEO is not to go it alone,” says Dean Hopkins, Chief Growth Officer, OneEleven. “My peers have taught me so much, helped me avoid key mistakes, and introduced me to key resources, none of which I would have had access to on my own. We live this everyday at OneEleven by helping our members connect to their community. This is why we are so excited about the opportunity with DX Journal. What better way to support founders, leaders and intrapreneurs than by connecting them even further to their digital peers via this innovative platform."

Hosted on DX Journal, the series helps growing companies manage scale and provides insight to large companies who want to scale their digital transformation initiatives. #ScaleStrategy will delve into business challenges such as:

  • Managing growth across multiple geographies
  • Scaling a culture of innovation
  • Sales tactics and learning
  • Operational advice for large enterprise innovators

The editorial series will also look at challenges and obstacles, with a transparent view and practical advice on to what to do when things go wrong.

“A lot of entrepreneurs who hit scale rely on insights from those who’ve done it, and it’s really hard to find really good, actionable advice for companies at this stage,” said Chris Hogg, President of Digital Journal Group. “Furthermore, the failure rate of digital transformation projects within large enterprises remains high. We’re looking forward to working with OneEleven to flush out insights that can hopefully help both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs move ahead faster with greater success.”

To read the first installment of #ScaleStrategy, visit www.dxjournal.co.

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