Byzen Digital Inc. Subsidiary, TeleCoin, Completes White Paper

TeleCoin launching in August 2018

NEW YORK, NY, June 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Byzen Digital Inc. (OTC PINK: EPSV), a newly formed blockchain technology company building a multi-solution Blockchain platform, today announced that its primary subsidiary, TeleCoin, has completed its White Paper and will soon launch its ICO and plans for the TeleCoin Trend-Setter platform.

The Trend-Setter platform is a micro transaction affiliate network reward platform targeted for business and individuals that use TeleCoin as the incentive for referrals. By using the Trend-Setter platform, our affiliate reward system allows those who utilise it to not only reach their targeted demographic, but reward those who help to spread their messages and campaigns.

TeleCoin itself is a Proof of Stake privacy token with Masternode capability, focusing on long term energy efficiency and its White Paper details the mechanics and benefits of the underlying technology.  The token is designed to give users more privacy than the standard blockchain network thereby offering the ability to make transactions with increased anonymity. To date, TeleCoin has only been distributed to pre-investors. The token will feature SwiftTX, Obfuscation and a decentralized blockchain voting system to update the Masternode through broad consensus.

“TeleCoin’s development and plans are clearly set out in the White Paper that will soon be available for public viewing on the website. We are very excited about the progress Telecoin is making and we intend to integrate TeleCoin into Byzen’s future decentralized autonomous platform (DAP) and blockchain services,” said Christopher Percy, the newly appointed President and CCO of Byzen Digital. “While TeleCoin continues to grow and increase its community and user base, we’re also working to get TeleCoin listed on one of the major crypto exchanges. We expect to make more announcements throughout the year as Byzen and TeleCoin continue on their solid path of growth and development.”

About Byzen Digital Inc.

Byzen Digital is a new player in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency trading market place. The company intends to bring greater simplicity, efficiency and security of this relatively new technology to the widest possible audience, through a number of innovative solutions, all providing step-by-step education as part of the customer journey.

Our chosen product markets are already growing exponentially and extremely scalable for the foreseeable future, and we firmly believe that now is the time to strike with a new approach as proposed, enabling us to widen the technology to an even greater audience of new clients, both consumer and corporate.

Byzen Digital already owns its own proprietary decentralized Cryptocurrency, called “Telecoin”, and this currency will be launched formally in 2018 as part of a much broader go-to-market strategy. Additionally, Byzen Digital’s own Cryptocurrencies will power their products and solutions from launch.

Byzen Digital, through its Management team, is well networked and connected into the world of Global Payments, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency trading, and the company is well equipped to deliver against both their short terms goals as well as mid-term ambitions to become the “go-to” company for both Corporate, Financial Institutions and Retailers for all of their future Blockchain needs. For more information go to: or

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