Jacob Capital Management Inc. Publishes Offshore Wind Primer

TORONTO, Ontario, June 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jacob Capital Management Inc. (JCM), a leader in renewable energy and clean technology financial and strategic advisory services, has published a global report on offshore wind energy. The report highlights the benefits of offshore wind power and the industry’s potential in the upcoming decade, with attention to the high-growth markets of the UK, Germany, and North America.

JCM founder, Sasha Jacob, is a global pioneer and leader in renewable energy financing, beginning as early as 2001. He has participated in over $8B in renewable energy and clean technology financings. Since then, the price of renewable energy generation has decreased to the point that in most jurisdictions it is less expensive than the full cost of fossil fuel-generated power.

“Offshore wind is undergoing explosive growth and the technological improvements over the past decade have resulted in massive rotors with huge generating capacities, driving down the cost per kWh, and this trend is set to continue with even larger, more efficient turbines,” said Jacob.

Mr. Jacob and JCM principals’ early insights regarding the future of renewables, the advancement of clean technologies like lithium-ion batteries, the adoption of distributed generation, and the downward pressure on oil prices have all proven to be accurate.

“At this juncture, while much progress has been made, more needs to be done to ensure carbon reduction is accelerated and a sustainable environment is assured,” added Jacob. “JCM is publishing a series of research primers on renewable technologies and related cleantech areas to provide its current insights and sector outlooks.”

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About Jacob Capital Management Inc.

Jacob Capital Management Inc. (JCM) is a principal investor and advisory firm providing strategic and financial advisory services to companies in the power, infrastructure, technology, and cannabis sectors. The firm, which is headquartered in Toronto, operates around the world. JCM is a partner in Beothuk Energy, Canada’s leading offshore wind developer that has partnered with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) in Atlantic Canada Offshore Developments (ACOD) to develop over 1000 MWs of Offshore Wind in Atlantic Canada. For more information visit:  www.jacobcapitalmanagement.com.