Logz.io Eliminates Complications Associated with Container Logging with Launch of Specialized Docker Logging Plugin

Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

BOSTON and TEL AVIV, Israel, June 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Logz.io, the leading provider of AI-powered log analytics, releases a specialized Docker Logging Plugin, enabling users to easily ship container logs to Logz.io. The Docker Logging Plugin was created to relieve many of the common issues developers experience when shipping container logs such as complex configuration, accidental pausing of container shipments, and potential loss of data.

With the growing popularity of Docker within the DevOps ecosystem, it has become increasingly critical to enable logging and monitoring systems to work in tandem with Docker technology. Therefore, Logz.io created their Docker Logging Plugin with flexibility and ease-of-use at the core of its design. Users can take advantage of its native integration with the Docker engine, ability to be installed either per host or per container, and its variety of flexible running options.

The Logz.io Docker Plugin seamlessly ships Docker logs into the Logz.io platform for easy analysis and enhanced visibility into Dockerized environments. The main benefits include: simple installation on the Docker daemon level, isolated operation (preventing users from accidentally deleting or stopping container log shipping), instant shut-down when a container stops running, and disk backup (for enhanced data protection).

In addition to the newly released Docker Logging Plugin, Logz.io also developed their Docker Log Collector which collects logs and monitoring statistics from Docker environments and streams them into the Logz.io platform). The company is continuously investing in integrations with key technologies used in the DevOps industry in order to make log analysis as simple and insightful as possible.

About Logz.io

Logz.io is an intelligent log analytics platform that combines the popular ELK stack as a cloud service with sophisticated machine learning. Logz.io derives insights from machine data, user behavior and community knowledge in a scalable, production-ready platform that enables organizations to resolve issues faster and take operations to the next level.


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