S.C.M.G.'s Up and Rising Campaign Manager!

New Lenox, Illinois, UNITED STATES

Tinley Park, IL, June 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SCMG, a management firm located in Tinley Park, IL, is well-known for representing clients in Electronics, Technology, Home Entertainment, Energy-Efficiency, Telecommunications, Home Improvement, and Mobility. SCMG is excited to announce one of their newest Corporate Trainers, Lauren Bennewate. Lauren is originally from Chicago but now resides in Elwood, IL with her fiancé, Anthony, three children, and French Mastiff. In her free time, Lauren enjoys reading, running active races, painting murals, cooking, and most of all, traveling!
Lauren joined SCMG four months ago. Prior to the joining SCMG, Lauren was a lead teacher at KLA Schools of Plainfield where she taught in ages of three to twelve, took part in staff training, lesson planning, parent relation responsibilities, and was the school activity director. She was also head of the summer camp program at Mary Sears Children's Academy. Lauren explains, "I enjoyed watching students attain milestones and master something that they struggled with. But kids grow up and move on and I couldn't grow with them. One of the main reasons I joined the SCMG team is because here I can help people reach their goals and overcome milestones, except now I am able to grow with my team."
Not only is Lauren one of the newest Corporate Trainers to join the SCMG team, but she was also one of the top three leaders chosen to attend the Top Leaders Meeting in Dallas, Texas. CEO Joe Pavone Jr. flew the three leaders to Dallas for this exclusive meeting. Here, the leaders listened to guest speakers and had networking opportunities that maximized their time and efforts. "It was exciting to build relationships, engage in transformative opportunities, and interact with other top leaders," explained Lauren.
In the next ninety days, Lauran has goals to be the newest Assistant Director at SCMG, become a better version of herself, and be disciplined in her savings. "What I like most about SCMG is the amazing family-like feel and positive atmosphere. I love coming into the office in the morning and listening to the music. Engaging with new people and learning something new every day is such a blessing. I am humbled and grateful to be a part of SCMG," explains Lauren.











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