Nuvus Gro (NUVG) Introduces the New grow.droid Enterprise Grow Factory – Complete Plug & Play Grow Units - Grow up to 1,300 Plants & 1,000 Clones – Revenues up to $6M/Year

Saint Petersburg, FL, June 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nuvus Gro Corp. (OTC PINK: NUVG), a provider of advanced Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) with sophisticated automation and analytical tools for the cultivators of legal industrial hemp and marijuana, introduces the pinnacle of modular constructed all-in-one cultivation and processing facilities. The grow.droid Enterprise factory is a technically advanced, computer controlled factory that provides exclusive environments for every aspect of the grow, including keeping mother plants healthy, growing clones, processing and extracting the harvest for distribution.

The Enterprise Grow Factory consists of eleven 52-foot long, purpose-built units, assembled to complete a true production line concept facility, and utilizes five specifically designed units of varying width. The core of the Enterprise factory is the intelligent, computer controlled, vegetation and flower grow units, similar to our popular grow.droid II containers.

With over 600 sq. ft. of grow area per unit, these units utilize full size tables and advanced automation to provide the perfect controlled environment for the plants. The grow.droid Enterprise Factory can grow up to 1,296 plants in six custom designed 12 foot wide vegetation and flower units. The clone area can produce up to 1,000 clones. Up to 30 mother plants can be cared for in a separate environment designed specifically for these plants. After growing the plants to maturity in the vegetation and flower units, the harvest is then dried, processed and stored onsite in a dedicated unit for future distribution or brought to the onsite extraction lab before securely storing the yield for later sale. The Enterprise Factory also has an office and break area with restroom facilities for personnel. All of this is housed in one facility with a common clean room and taking up a total space of 114 ft. long by 52 ft. wide.

Thanks to our CognetiX master control system, the six grow units are controlled independently to each other, which allows for various sequence grow schemes that are all controlled and monitored from a single location or remotely from any device. The next unit is a computer-controlled clone, nursery, and mother plant module that has been designed utilizing two separate environments with independent dosing and custom LED lighting for each specific area. Our third unit is an exclusive dry, cure and storage facility where the harvest is processed and stored before going to distribution or moving to the next process.

The next unit employs a high secure area for product storage as well as separate drying and processing areas. The last of our processing units is an extraction ready lab and clean station. The extraction ready unit is separated into a dedicated lab space, prep and clean room.  It is ready for any extraction equipment the owner decides to use. Rounding out the variety of custom units is the office and breakroom unit. This unit contains all the amenities for personnel and houses the security and data processing equipment.

Completing the design of the grow.droid Enterprise Factory is the clean room and control unit which interconnects the other ten units. This is the real heart of the facility. The clean and control area has the main entrance to the outside that can be optionally equipped with an air wall filtration system. There is an additional exit on the opposite end of the clean and control room as well as two more doors located at the ends of two of the process units. All controls including dosing and monitoring is done within the clean and control unit so that only employees requiring access to the plants are permitted in those areas. Security cameras are installed in every process and office area and the facility is equipped with advance access control to provide the highest level of security.

As with all grow.droid products, the grow.droid Enterprise factory is managed, controlled and monitored through our exclusive CognetiX industrial SCADA and grow analytics software platform. This custom suite of software provides multiple dashboards to efficiently monitor and control all aspects of the Enterprise Factory. The platform provides industry exclusive fault monitoring and analysis that drill down to any data point in the factory. Data is displayed in a user-friendly manner on any smart device via IoT cloud services. The grow control software is integrated with industrial control and sensor hardware. Each grow area is controlled separately and the system can be programed to control each area independently to take advantage of sequence grow methods. Strong analytics provide predictive management and fault detection for all aspects of the facility including energy and utilities, equipment monitoring, personnel access and security.

About Nuvus Gro 

Nuvus Gro, a Nevada Corporation and Subsidiary of Nuvus Corp., provides Advanced Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), Precise Cognitive Automation, Sophisticated Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Grow Systems, Modular Grow facilities, Power & Energy Services, Consulting Services and Financing for the cultivators and Medium to Large Scale Growing Facilities.

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