UPDATE -- Cavium Selects Balbix BreachControl™ for Predicting and Preventing Breach Risk

Balbix’s Ability to Identify the Most Critical Assets at Risk Puts Cavium Security Team Six Months Ahead of Schedule

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Balbix, Inc., provider of the security industry's first system built for avoiding breaches, today announced Cavium, a leading provider of semiconductor products that enable secure and intelligent processing for enterprise and cloud data centers, has chosen Balbix to improve their overall breach resilience. Cavium selected Balbix based on its ability to address several key security assessment and operational requirements. These included the ability to automatically inventory Cavium’s entire IT infrastructure; proactively identify breach risks before they happen; prioritize mitigation actions based on business criticality; and prescribe specific fix recommendations.

Cavium offers a broad portfolio of infrastructure technology for compute, security, storage, switching, connectivity and baseband processing. Cavium’s highly integrated multi-core SoC products deliver software compatible solutions across low to high performance points enabling secure and intelligent functionality in enterprise, data center and service provider equipment.

Cavium sought out a solution that could effectively and efficiently assess the overall breach risk of the organization and help prioritize mitigation and remediation efforts, specifically around patch management.

“Balbix BreachControl gives me a holistic view of our breach risk exposure, a real-time heat map. I can consistently watch, prioritize and address our ever-evolving areas of exposure and risk,” said Ted John, VP of infrastructure for Cavium. “Because Balbix presents us with a proactive list of possible breaches that are prioritized by business risk, we can best use every hour of my team’s time to secure our business.”

With Cavium’s finite resources and extensive list of criteria for its environment, finding a solution that met its ever-growing security requirements presented a significant challenge. Phase 1 of the deployment was to comprehensively map Cavium’s network, which is a challenge every enterprise faces. Balbix was up and running within a couple of hours and provided actionable insights to John and his team within the same day.

The results were impressive, said John. “We were going to do our phase 1 deployment for six months then discuss phase 2, but the Balbix team did such a good job and delivered critical information so much faster than any of us anticipated that we went to phase 2 immediately.”

Cavium selected Balbix BreachControl based on its highly innovative breach prediction, prioritization and prescriptive fix capabilities:

  • Automatically monitoring and analyzing the network 24/7/365 across hundreds of attack vectors
  • Proactively predicting breach scenarios by analyzing indicators of risk internally and externally – factors that point to the future likelihood of security incidents
  • Providing a prioritized set of actionable, prescriptive insights to mitigate the organization’s breach risk based on criticality
  • Deliver results and actions via a highly visualized dashboard and real-time, plain text searchable map of the enterprise environment

“Analyzing the attack surface of the enterprise for weak spots on an hourly basis is very difficult. You have to keep track of the tens of millions of time-varying factors that affect your breach risk,” said Gaurav Banga, founder and CEO of Balbix. “Balbix has developed specialized artificial intelligence and deep learning to assist customers like Cavium, automatically tracking their IT assets across all attack vectors to predict breaches and prioritize the actions required to best protect against them.”

To download the case study, please visit: http://www.balbix.com/sites/default/files/Balbix_Cavium_Case_Study.pdf 

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About Cavium

Cavium, Inc. (NASDAQ:CAVM), offers a broad portfolio of infrastructure solutions for compute, security, storage, switching, connectivity and baseband processing. Cavium’s highly integrated multi-core SoC products deliver software compatible solutions across low to high performance points enabling secure and intelligent functionality in Enterprise, Data Center and Service Provider Equipment. Cavium processors and solutions are supported by an extensive ecosystem of operating systems, tools, application stacks, hardware reference designs and other products. Cavium is headquartered in San Jose, CA with design centers in California, Massachusetts, India, Israel, China and Taiwan. 

About Balbix
The Balbix breach avoidance platform, BreachControl™, is the industry’s first system to leverage specialized artificial intelligence (AI) to provide comprehensive and continuous predictive assessment of breach risk.  Visualized via a searchable and clickable risk heat-map, it is designed for CISOs, CIOs and IT security teams. BreachControl can forecast critical breach scenarios and prioritize/recommend fixes by business risk, improving security operations, compliance and cyber-resilience. Learn more at www.balbix.com.

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