New Software from Nomadix Delivers Simplicity and Enhanced Performance for Visitor-Based Networks

Version 8.12 of the Nomadix Service Engine Provides More Granular and Flexible Bandwidth Controls and Increased Efficiency in Managing Licensed Device Counts; Compliant with GDPR

Agoura Hills, California, UNITED STATES

HOUSTON, June 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HITEC, Booth #1615 - Today Nomadix Inc. announced Nomadix Service EngineTM (NSE) version 8.12 for its full line of bandwidth management and access gateways, which service internet connections for visitor-based networks. Version 8.12 supports all current gateways and will ship with the recently announced AG 6000, which will be available in Q3. The new software brings improved security and simplifies device configuration while providing enhanced performance for hotels and other properties that offer guest internet access.

According to Nomadix President Fred Reeder, “We take pride in being a responsive company, listening to our customers’ feedback on ways that we can make their lives easier. With version 8.12, we have brought forth improvements to a number of items, including Class-Based Queuing and a change in the way in which licensed devices are counted.”

Class-Based Queuing
Among the features of version 8.12 is a change in how Class-Based Queuing (CBQ) is configured. CBQ provides the ability to define multiple groups (classes) of users, enabling the network administrator to prioritize groups and configure minimum and maximum bandwidth caps based on their requirements. As the demand for bandwidth increases and circuits are subsequently increased, Nomadix identified the need to simplify the way CBQ is assigned. Prior to version 8.12, the only way to set minimum and maximum limits was by using fixed bandwidth amounts. With version 8.12, network operators have the added ability to base minimum and maximum limits on a percentage of the circuit speed. Not only does this simplify initial configuration, but it has the added benefit of reducing time and effort on configuration changes when the circuit size is increased.

Concurrent Users
The Device License Capacity was improved and simplified to be more consistent between the various authentication methods deployed by Nomadix partners and customers. When using the Nomadix gateway’s internal database, also known as Profiles, these devices are no longer checked against the License Count Capacity. There is no change in functionality if already using an external Radius database. With version 8.12, the Device License Capacity sets the caps on the number of devices in the current table. This gives network operators a more efficient and accurate method to manage the number of devices deemed acceptable on the network by meeting the network design standards.

GDPR Compliance
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandate, which became effective May 25, 2018, unifies the data protection rules across Europe and strengthens the rights of EU citizens by emphasizing transparency, fairness and accountability. NSE version 8.12 is compliant with GDPR, thus giving Nomadix partners and customers added assurance that the software adheres to the strict data protection rules outlined by the mandate. For more information on how Nomadix is managing GDPR, a complete compliance statement is available at

NSE version 8.12 will be available Q3 2018 and will come standard on all current gateways as well as the recently announced AG 6000 gateway. For more information, please contact Nomadix at +1-818-597-1500 or visit

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