Cherwell Transforms the Service Management Experience with New Integrated Platform as a Service (iPaaS) Solution

New iPaaS offering enables access into leading enterprise applications like Workday, Jira and Slack

Colorado Springs, Colorado, UNITED STATES

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., June 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cherwell Software, LLC, (“Cherwell”) a global leader in enterprise service management, is introducing new product features and partnerships as it continues to deliver on its promise to transform the service management experience for businesses around the world. These new features enhance the speed and ease with which new enterprise applications and data can be integrated within a common service delivery architecture.

Cherwell is introducing a new integration platform as a service solution thanks to a partnership with iPaaS innovator Jitterbit. Cherwell’s new iPaaS offering is driving true process change by enabling enterprises to quickly integrate new services across multiple organizations in a company, with a vastly improved user experience that also includes a new unified mobile experience.

“Cherwell is on a journey to transform the service management experience and this release represents our commitment to enabling businesses to work smarter – automating critical cross functional flows in their digital transformation process,” said Steve Rodda, Cherwell’s Chief Product Officer. “Digital Transformation has, for a long time, simply meant digitizing processes. But now businesses can integrate third-party applications and business processes across organizations without extensive development. This delivers value faster and incorporates efficiencies across the company.”

Integration Connects Business Units

Cherwell’s strategic partnership with Jitterbit offers customers a variety of application integration opportunities that are fully supported by Cherwell.

Cherwell’s Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) enables access to technologies like Jira, Slack and Workday through the Cherwell® Service Management (CSM) platform. In addition, virtually any data source or application can be integrated with CSM, thanks to Jitterbit’s leading API integration architecture. With Cherwell’s iPaaS solution, new integrations can take a matter of days to complete, enhancing overall productivity and time-to-value.

“As the industry's only enterprise iPaaS solution that combines complete API lifecycle management with comprehensive integration, we enable companies to quickly and seamlessly connect applications and services to unlock the power of data and ignite digital transformations,” said Andrew Leigh, Vice President of Alliances, Jitterbit. “Our unified platform makes it easy for any user, regardless of technical ability, to exploit data from any source with just a few clicks. We're thrilled that Cherwell chose Jitterbit to bring new competitive advantages to their customers.”

Enabling true digital transformation

Beginning in mid-July, Cherwell customers will also be able to take advantage of the latest innovations in the CSM 9.4 release. This latest release further supports global businesses as they adapt to a rapidly evolving workforce and marketplace. Expanded web interface support including adaptable portals and dashboards ensure that users can adapt workflows to their own unique environments. This also enables IT team members to improve desk-side user support by customizing the system to fit tablet and mobile form factors.

With CSM 9.4, customers can now better utilize the Cherwell One-Step™ engine from web browser clients, meaning that they can automate repetitive tasks from the device of their choice. Automating mission-critical tasks enables Cherwell customers to take tasks that previously took hours or even days to execute and perform them in minutes or seconds.

Manage your licensing assets

Organizations conducting software audits can often end up with significant “true-up” costs to become compliant with license agreements. The newly introduced version of Cherwell Asset Management (CAM) 14.0 coincident with this release of CSM, includes automated Oracle Database discovery. This feature takes the guesswork out of managing Oracle licenses and can help enterprises achieve savings.

CAM 14.0 tracks what is installed across an enterprise network with powerful IT asset discovery and inventory reporting. Cherwell Asset Management automatically discovers all of the hardware and software installed on Windows, Unix, Linux, and MAC OS desktops, laptops, and servers. This gives IT departments quick access to information such as what is in use, who is using it, and whether it is properly licensed.

Businesses looking to improve their IT service desk efficiencies and obtain true digital transformation can learn more about the newest version of Cherwell Service Management at For more details on the CAM 14.0, CSM 9.4, and Cherwell’s iPaaS solution visit the Cherwell Blog.

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