Unifi Named a Market Leader in Self-Service Data Preparation by Ovum

The Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Self-Service Data Prep Solution, 2018-19 Recognizes Unifi as Having a Holistic Platform for Governance, Cataloging, Data Prep and Workflows

San Mateo, California, UNITED STATES

SAN MATEO, Calif., June 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Unifi Software today announced it was recognized as a Market Leader in the “Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Self-Service Data Prep Solution, 2018-19” report by independent advisory firm Ovum. Unifi, a leader in providing a seamlessly integrated suite of self-service data tools, received the highest ranking by Ovum for having a holistic platform for Governance, Cataloging, Data Prep and Workflows. In conducting its research, Ovum assessed more than 200 unique technical features related to self-service data preparation functionality as well as execution capabilities and revenue.

Market Leaders are defined by Ovum as representing solutions that are worthy of a place on most technology selection shortlists. The inclusion criteria required vendors to have customers in at least two of three regions: APAC, EMEA, and North America; a product focus on self-service for the business user wherein the interface is graphical rather than code-based; data prep functionality requirements to handle structured, semi-structured and unstructured forms of data; and a data prep product with cataloging and/or metadata repository capabilities available. In addition, Ovum noted that key differentiators for Data Preparation Market Leaders included Machine Learning (ML)-guided functionality, connectivity to analytic tools and governance features—all of which Unifi delivers in its seamlessly integrated data platform.

“Machine learning, data governance and collaboration are table stakes for our customers,” said Rob Carlson, Co-founder and CEO of Unifi Software. “We’re very proud of the recognition by Ovum of our platform’s maturity and the Unifi forward-thinking approach of combining data preparation and data catalog in a seamlessly integrated platform, all strongly enhanced with our AI and NLP capabilities.”

In its report1, Ovum states:
“The Unifi philosophy is that data prep needs to be an embedded part of the data governance and data integration process; to separate it would silo it, increase the potential for exposed sensitive data, and decrease the discoverability of data assets. Unifi's mission is to enable self-service; the Unifi Data Platform supports four pillars of integrated functionality that span the data integration process leading up the analytics phase of data handling. These pillars are governance and security, catalog and discovery, data preparation, and workflow and scheduling. Bound by the platform's underlying engine of NLP, AI, and machine learning technology (OneMind), the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; all functionality is available in the same user-friendly ecosystem, enforced by the consistent data policies. Governance of data is especially strong, as controls for data are applied consistently throughout the platform and are not restricted just to the data prep process. The security frameworks and role-based access controls set in underlying data repositories are inherited and respected in the Unifi Data Platform, creating governance continuity across the enterprise IT ecosystem. Data cataloging capabilities, in particular, are strongly integrated and natively developed as part of the platform.”

According to Ovum, the rise of the self-service analytics era has urged a more flexible, iterative approach to data preparation. The number of data consumers in the typical enterprise has grown massively over time and its fueling a higher demand for datasets that are ready for manipulation—challenging IT-centric models. Unifi was purposely built to respond to this need by providing all business users inside of an organization with the ability to find and use the data that’s most important to them while ensuring that IT has full governance over its data.

“One of Unifi’s assets is its ease of use for business analysts. The company’s OneClick Functions allow users at any level to cleanse, enrich, parse, join, filter and format data for analysis with no requirement for writing SQL scripts. This ease of use is further extended by the platform’s underlying engine of NLP, AI, and machine learning technology, OneMind,” said Paige Bartley, Senior Analyst, Data and Enterprise Intelligence for Ovum. “As we are increasingly seeing machine learning and AI-guided functionality become a differentiator for data prep environments, Unifi is well-positioned to serve the growing number of non-technical users that are being introduced to self-service workflows.”

Ovum analysts reviewed the capabilities of vendor’s solutions for Maturity, Interoperability, Innovation, Deployment, Scalability and Enterprise fit.

Source: Ovum Decision Matrix: Self-Service Data Prep, 2018-19.

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About Unifi Software
The Unifi Data Platform breaks down the barriers of operational data silos and democratizes information across the enterprise. At the heart of the platform is a comprehensive suite of self-service data tools to empower business users. Employing machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, governed by IT and cloud-optimized, Unifi predicts what the business user wants to visualize and then connects the resulting data natively to the BI tool for fast, accurate results.

Unifi was founded by data and enterprise infrastructure experts from Greenplum (now part of Dell Technologies), Oracle, Microsoft, and Platfora (now part of Workday). Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, Unifi operates regional offices across the U.S. and a development center in Bangalore, India.


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