Chief Telecom, with Development in Six Major Areas, Showcased in Computex 2018

Taipei, Taiwan, June 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Chief Telecom showcased in the Taiwan Cloud Expo of Computex 2018 and concluded with fruitful results as many foreign buyers showed great interests in its services. Chief Telecom appreciated the invitations from the Industrial Development Bureau and Taipei Computer Association. Chairman Joseph Wu uncovered Chief Telecom’s future business plan, which would focus on AI, Cloud Application Services, and Chief App Cloud platform; in cooperation with Cloud Service Providers, Chief Telecom actively develops into six major areas to provide its customers with various SaaS services that covers security integration, smart manufacturing, IoT applications, marketing applications, VR/AR, and enterprise business applications.

There are four major themes of Chief Telecom’s exhibition this year, which are Chief Cloud eXchage (CCX), Enterprise Cloud Information Security Integration, Intelligent Healthcare Cloud Service, and EnterBox Service. In response to the advent of the Cloud Era, Chief Cloud eXchange (CCX) is a platform Chief Telecom provides that enables enterprise users to enjoy the easy and high-quality connectivity to international public clouds, with high reliability, high delivery rate and maximum connection speed up to 10Gbps.

Furthermore, Chief Telecom invested great resources in obtaining the quadruple international information security certifications of ISO 27001, ISO 27011, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018. In accordance with these certifications, Enterprise Cloud Information Security Integration makes sure enterprise customers can enjoy information security of both the datacenter and the Internet, and guarantees the important data and systems meet international security standards after they are stored in the cloud. Besides, Chief Telecom also offers information security solutions of international providers such as F5 and TrendMicro, aiming to free its enterprise customers from information security worries.

EnterBox Service, on the other hand, comes with an interface that is designed for easy file storage and management, which enables users to browse and collaborate anytime, anywhere. The application also supports synchronization on iOS and Android mobile devices as well as Windows desktops, allowing enterprise staffs to cooperate with high efficiency and strengthen productivity. In the meantime, there are several security protection features of EnterBox, such as encryption of file upload and other transmissions, plus the decentralized storage in Chief Telecom’s ISO-certified datacenters, making enterprise customers confident about deploying EnterBox and can collaborate immediately on the cloud.

In recent years, the Intelligent Healthcare market has been flourishing. With regards to the trend, Chief Telecom announced on March 29th, 2018, that it will also step into the field of Intelligent Healthcare applications. In alliance with IBM, health inventor (HI), wearable device supplier – GoLife, and Institute for Information Industry (III), along with a personal 360-degree multidimensional intelligence health analytical engine, Chief Telecom builds the first Intelligent Healthcare Cloud Service in APAC region for Taiwanese people, and offers a comprehensive health-boosting management service, which was one of the highlights of the exhibition.

Chief Telecom’s growing operational performance has been acknowledged by the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), Ministry of Economic Affairs, and has been selected to perform the R&D project of developing Public Cloud Data Center and Applications. Cooperating with III’s technical coaching, Chief Telecom promotes the development of cloud services and big data industries, and connects the advantages of Taiwan industry chain through the cooperative work of Industry, Official and University. Meanwhile, Chief Telecom also supports incubation centers and enlarges the international market share of Taiwan cloud industries, thus promoting the government’s goal of elevating Taiwan’s international trade output.

About Chief

Chief Telecom was founded in 1991 and became a Chunghwa Telecom affiliated enterprise in 2006. In 2011, Chief Telecom obtained ISO 27001 and ISO 27011 certification. In December 2017, Chief Telecom obtained ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 Cloud Security Certification. Later in March 2018, Chief Telecom officially became a listed company (stock code 6561) at the Over-the-Counter (OTC) market in Taiwan. With worldwide bandwidth, professional communications integration technology, international cloud exchange center and Taiwan's largest Internet exchange center, Chief Telecom provides total solution and diversified cooperation model to help customers improve their operational efficiency and enhance competition advantage.
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One of the organizers of COMPUTEX TAIPEI and the largest industrial organization in Taiwan. Established in 1974, TCA has nearly  4,000 corporation members engaged in fields such as software, hardware, and network communication service.


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