FOX-TECH CO. Pre-launched OTO Hunter at COMPUTEX 2018 - Taiwan Cloud Expo

Taipei, Taiwan, June 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FOX-TECH CO. pre-launched OTO Hunter, the world’s first LPWAN integrated smart lock solution for bike-sharing industries, at COMPUTEX - Taiwan Cloud Expo. Thanks to the invitations from the Industrial Development Bureau of Taiwan and Taipei Computer Association, the display was successful and attracted international and domestic buyers.

Aiming to resolve the ongoing global bike-sharing issues of its asset loss, FOX-TECH CO. developed their total smart bike lock solution which provides a sustainable maintenance model to effectively restrain indiscriminate parking issues. This smart solution enables bicycle operators to reduce their operating cost. Moreover, GPS and geo-fencing capabilities in OTO Hunter will notify operators the exact whereabouts of their bicycles, diminishing the risk of assets being stolen, vanished, and disappeared.

“OTO Hunter accurately hit the pain point which dockless bike-sharing operators now could be painless! This smart lock can effectively control the bike fleet and enhance the operation effectiveness without missing your bikes. It truly saved our time and allowed us to provide better bike-sharing services to the public!” said Jonathan Wu, Co-founder of SHELLY BIKE.

Using Sigfox transmission technology, OTO Hunter is a global solution for operators worldwide. Customization to the hardware and software (including cloud-based services) are available to suit different operators’ requirements. For operators looking for a disruption tool, OTO Hunter may be the one to help and change the bike-sharing economy.

FOX-TECH CO. is a Taiwan based IoT facilitator specialized in system integration, solution provider, and a strategic partner with Sigfox. FOX-TECH CO. provides a total integrated solution composed of network service, hardware, and software. Link:

About Taipei Computer Association (TCA)
One of the organizers of COMPUTEX TAIPEI and the largest industrial organization in Taiwan. Established in 1974, TCA has nearly 4,000 corporation members engaged in fields such as software, hardware, and network communication service.


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