Vita Mobile Systems Joins Rapidly Growing Ad Tech Industry and Adds to Advisory Team

IRVINE, CA, June 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vita Mobile Systems, Inc. (OTC PINK: VMSI), a technology company specializing in digital imaging on mobile devices, today announced the Company is expanding its Advisory Team with the addition of a new senior member and has added Ad Tech to the Company’s service offerings. ‘Ad Tech’, short for advertising technology, is quickly growing globally and encompasses the services, tools, software and data analyzation that helps companies target, deliver and analyze their digital advertising and marketing. 

Worldwide spending on digital advertising is forecasted to grow to $335 billion in 2020 from $229 billion in 2017, according to market research firm Statista, and machine learning, one of the cornerstones technologies of Vita Mobile Systems, is considered an excellent fit for the Ad Tech industry according to MarTech Series. Magna recently issued a forecast stating that digital media will take 44 percent, or $237 billion, of all ad money spent globally in 2018, with that figure reaching 50 percent, or $291 billion, by 2020.  

In conjunction with its expansion into Ad Tech services, Vita Mobile Systems has been meeting with senior executives and specialists in the Ad Tech field to select a new member for the Company’s Advisory Team. The new Advisory Team member will help advise on the Company’s expansion into the industry and will oversee both software and infrastructure improvements to support the new Ad Tech services.

“Expansion into Ad Tech has always been one of our pre-launch goals and should provide long-term value to the Company.  Ad Tech services include marketing and advertising data intelligence, analysis and monetization. These services will work hand in hand with our plans for driving traffic with our proprietary social media marketing algorithms and our first mobile app VITA.  We expect our algorithms to reach over 2 million views per day to go along with the compounding effect of organic traffic within the app itself,” stated Sean Guerrero, CEO of Vita Mobile Systems, Inc.  “After meeting with the right experts in the industry, we are ready to see our plans for Ad Tech services come to fruition.  The full picture of our vision is coming together between AI technologies, marketing, Ad Tech and content.  We have been in discussions with senior level candidates to join our Advisory Team to help oversee front-end additions and backend infrastructure modifications needed to support Ad Tech services.  We are currently finalizing paperwork with our chosen candidate and look forward to welcoming him to Vita Mobile Systems.”

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Vita Mobile Systems, Inc. (OTC PINK: VMSI) is a technology company focusing on digital imaging in mobile devices, collection of big data and development of artificial intelligence. Vita Mobile Systems is currently finalizing their first geolocation-based, social media app "VITA" for release on both iOS and Android.  Comprised of a strong foundation of successful entrepreneurs, Vita Mobile Systems has developed proprietary algorithms and tools which gather, categorize, analyze and augment digital content. Over the years, Vita Mobile Systems has used these proprietary marketing, social media, and data collection tools to generate significant amounts of internet traffic for advertising networks. Vita Mobile Systems aims to create a monumental library of crowdsourced content, a massive catalogue of predictive big data, and platform for ultra-targeted advertising. The company expects to establish a strong foundation within the multibillion-dollar industry of driving big data and targeted advertising through its process of cataloging, meta-tagging, analyzing, and predicting trends of everyday people in everyday life. 

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