N-Partner Makes IT Management More Efficient

Taipei, Taiwan, June 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- N-Partner Technology Ltd. Co. demonstrated "Next Generation IT Operation Platform- N-Cloud" in COMPUTEX - Taiwan Cloud Expo, which was widely favored by buyers and was a major highlight at the exhibition. Thanks to Industrial Development Bureau and Taipei Computer Association for inviting us and giving us such a good opportunity to show our solution for all visitors.

Nowadays, organizations use internet to manage their systems and operation; however, as the internet keeps upgrading, the risk is badly increasing. There are more and more internet attacks, and World Economic Forum has listed internet security issue into 2018 global top 5 risks. Moreover, DDoS attacks, which paralyze network by occupying bandwidth, are still the most frequent attack and influence all countries in the world. This has been proved by the DDoS attack of the largest scale happened in 2018 at GitHub. Each enterprise should pay more attention to how to manage network and to avoid confidential information from being hacked.

N-Reporter and N-Cloud, developed by N-Partner, are the only IT operating systems that can integrate SNMP, Flow, and Syslog, and that helps IT administrators fully understand system health status, network usage and all logs in every moment through a united central operation platform. IT administrators can know every detail in their Home network, and do not have to search in different devices. When an issue happened, N-Reporter/N-Cloud is able to assist IT administrators in troubleshooting and in fixing the issue within a few minutes; it helps IT administrators improve working efficiency. They have been used by a lot of educational networks, multinational corporations, and telecommunications for operation.

In the past, when doing IT management, IT administrators might be confused with what situation should be viewed as abnormal and how to set threshold value properly. It took them much time, and sometimes the threshold value did not fit the situation. N-Cloud has built-in AI technology, which establishes dynamic benchmarks based on each event log and history record to detect abnormal activities. When anomaly happens, the system will automatically detect the event and IP with traffic bursting and send out real-time alerts. Users do not have to set each value one by one manually, and can deal with the anomaly immediately.

The system has various built-in reports and criteria; users can make different, detailed reports as need to see the information of Home network, including events, traffic trend, bandwidth usage, and so on. There is Dashboard function to show the most viewed reports, and users do not have to check them in multiple areas. Cloud computing architecture is used in N-Cloud for SaaS service with high processing efficiency and high expandability. With the architecture, lots of people can use the system simultaneously and every user will have their own portal, so they can only view their personal data. This way, not only information security but also privacy is well protected.

About N-Partner Technology

N-Partner Technology Ltd. Co., founded in 2011, specializes in big data and AI and abnormal analysis. We possess extensive experience in this industry, and which makes us fully understand what customers need to protect their information security; we can provide distinct services for customers in each field to greatly fit their needs. Nowadays, hackers and attacks are endless, and IT management is more curtail an issue for every organization.  We can help IT administrators improve their efficiency and performance, and IT management will be much easier; we can help each user defend against various network attacks in realtime, and security events will not cause major hazards in Home network.

About Taipei Computer Association (TCA)

One of the organizers of COMPUTEX TAIPEI and the largest industrial organization in Taiwan. Established in 1974, TCA has nearly  4,000 corporation members engaged in fields such as software, hardware, and network communication service.


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