NEXUS Quantifies Functional Fitness with Revolutionary Tracking Technology

World’s most advanced fitness tracking platform gives athletes real-time metrics and feedback, measuring performance like never before

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, June 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Until now, the best way for CrossFit and functional fitness athletes to track their progress while training has been to repeat the same workout after a given amount of time, gauging whether completion time has decreased or number of reps have increased. Launching today, digital platform NEXUS eliminates that need, providing users with key analytics and feedback, giving real-time workout insight to help increase performance and reduce injury risk.

Designed for athletes by athletes, NEXUS brings powerful analytics and a digital community to functional fitness. Powered by revolutionary fitness wearable PUSH, NEXUS tracks performance across exercise movements, providing a visual representation of a user’s workout and progress to help athletes train smarter to meet and exceed their goals.

Using the PUSH Band’s accelerometer and gyroscope, NEXUS calculates and compiles comprehensive workout metrics, including:

  • Work: Work is the distance a load is lifted, multiplied by the force required by muscles to do so. Measuring work output is the first step in managing performance and health over time. While limiting work output can prevent injury, large drops can lead to de-training.
  • Power: Calculated by dividing work by time, power is how fast an athlete completed the work endured, or the intensity of a training session. The higher the power output, the more intense or "hard" the exercise or workout will be.
  • Round Splits: In a workout with multiple rounds, or repetition of a series of movements, round splits are the time required to complete each round. This provides information on how an athlete is pacing and fatiguing through his or her workout.
  • Cadence: Measuring an athlete’s average reps per minute, cadence insights are crucial to identifying weaknesses and turning them to strengths.
  • Work to Rest: The ratio of work to rest will give athletes insight into how much recovery time is taken during a workout or spent transitioning between movements.

“Leveraging PUSH’s hardware, the NEXUS platform offers key metrics for functional fitness athletes in a way that’s never been done,” said Mike Dawson, NEXUS CEO. “Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned athlete, NEXUS’ prescriptive analytics will show exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie, with feedback to meet your goals.”

In addition to fitness tracking, NEXUS will provide users with a digital community, allowing athletes to compete head-to-head with an international leaderboard and connect with like-minded individuals, making it easy to stay engaged and accountable.

For a limited time, the NEXUS Launch Package, which includes a PUSH Band, compression sleeve, competition shirt, headband and phone mount, is available for pre-order for $299 to the first 200 users, and will ship in July. For more information, please visit

Designed to revolutionize functional fitness training, fitness tracking system NEXUS’ mission is to evolve and apply science to empower and inspire every athlete to exceed their own expectations. Providing users with a virtual representation of their gym, NEXUS is the connection between community, technology and personal improvement. For more information on NEXUS and its game-changing functionality, visit

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