Admera Health Announces Availability of Psychiatric Specific Report, PGxPsych™, for its PGxOne™ Plus Pharmacogenomics Test

South Plainfield, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N.J., June 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Admera Health (, announced the availability of a psychiatric specific report for its PGxOne™ Plus pharmacogenomics test. PGxOne™ Plus is a laboratory developed test that includes over 50 genes, over 200 DNA variants (affecting drug metabolism, transportation, and activation), and provides recommendations for over 300 drugs via Next Generation Sequencing. This new report format, named PGxPysch™, provides easier access to favorable drug recommendations for therapeutics routinely used to treat symptoms associated with mental health disease based on a patient’s DNA. Also included, is an analysis of relevant mental health drugs that are metabolized by multiple enzymatic pathways.

PGxPsych™ joins other specialty PGxOne™ Plus report formats, including, PGxOnco™ and PGxCardio™ for cancer supportive care and a cardiovascular branded report respectively. In addition, all PGxOne™ Plus test formats are available in Spanish and Chinese.

“The PGxOne™ Plus report is already designed to be patient specific with the most easily assessable sections driven by diagnosis codes and the patient’s current medications. However, given the increasing role that pharmacogenomics is playing in psychiatric care we have developed an additional report format just for the mental health community. Our goal with including preselected psychiatric drugs in a special section is to improve the utility of our actionable reports leading to better patient’s outcomes. Similarly, to the way we have advanced pharmacogenomics for supportive care in the oncology practice with PGxOnco™,” stated Guanghui Hu, PhD, President and CEO of Admera Health.      

Of the 53 genes covered on the PGxPsych™ report, 24 provide information on 60 drugs commonly used to treat mental health, including but not limited to ADHD, psychosis, depression, and anxiety. Results are delivered to the ordering physician within seven to ten business days of receipt of the sample.

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