ION Media Announces 12 New Programming Acquisitions for Qubo and ION Life

The Deals Include Key Series Renewals and New Seasons of Two Returning Shows, Giving ION’s Digital Networks More than 200 Hours of New Content

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., June 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ION Media today announced an all-new slate of programming acquisitions, in addition to several series renewals, premiering in 2018 on its special interest digital networks Qubo and ION Life.

Qubo, the 24/7 over-the-air network for children, will debut eight new series, including “Madeline,” “Monster Math Squad,” “The Adventures of Paddington Bear” and “Pirates: Adventures in Art,” from DHX Worldwide Limited. Also joining the network are “Cosmic Quantum Ray” and “The Davincibles,” from Splash Entertainment, LLC, as well as “Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends” from Nelvana International Limited and “Bubu and the Little Owls” from Portfolio Entertainment, Inc. Additionally, Qubo has renewed seasons from Legacy Distribution’s "Funniest Pets & People,” “Mickey’s Farm” and “The Choo Choo Bob Show,” Nelvana International’s "Rescue Heroes,” and Splash Entertainment’s “Dive Olly Dive” and “ToddWorld.”

ION Life, a 24/7 over-the-air lifestyle network, debuts the series “Bake with Anna Olson,” from Boat Rocker Rights, Inc., and “For Rent,” “Style Factory” and “My House, Your Money” from Cineflix International Media Limited. ION Life is also launching a second season of Legacy Distribution’s “At Home with Didiayer,” as well as renewing rights to the show’s first season. Boat Rocker Rights’ “At the Table With...” will premiere its third season, with ION Life also renewing the first two seasons of the series. Additionally, ION Life is renewing seasons from Legacy Distribution’s “For Your Home” and Boat Rocker Rights’ “Fresh with Anna Olson.”

“For the past decade, ION has made a substantial investment in programming our digital networks for the special interest audiences they serve,” said Brandon Burgess, Chairman and CEO of ION Media. “With Qubo, we are committed to continuing to serve our youngest viewers with quality educational content showcasing positive role models and good values, while our new ION Life shows will provide fans with an exciting array of quality lifestyle series.”

Series synopses for the new programming acquisitions and seasons from Qubo and ION Life can be found below.

About ION Media
ION Media is an independent, privately held media company launched in 2007. ION Media’s flagship, ION Television, is the most widely distributed and watched independent broadcast network in the U.S., reaching 100 million homes with a popular lineup of TV series and movies, including original shows. ION Media also nationally broadcasts two digital networks: Qubo, dedicated to children, with content that entertains, educates and celebrates learning; and ION Life, dedicated to healthy, active lifestyles. ION is the nation’s largest operator of TV broadcast stations by national household reach, with 65 full power stations. For more information, visit

About Qubo
Qubo is a safe destination for children of all ages, with quality programs that entertain and celebrate the fun of learning. Qubo’s shows, from the leaders in children’s entertainment, offer positive role models portraying good values. At Qubo, kids laugh and learn to be their best through our diverse, quality programming, and parents are always welcome. Qubo is available over-the-air 24/7 on the Qubo channel, and is also broadcast Friday mornings on ION Television’s “Qubo Kids Corner” block. For more information, visit

About ION Life
ION Life is dedicated to the celebration of healthy, active and empowered lifestyles. ION Life’s vast array of engaging lifestyle programs entertain, inform and inspire people to live their best lives. ION Life is available over-the-air 24/7 on the ION Life channel. For more information, visit

Chris Addeo
ION Media


MADELINE (Seasons 1-3; 39 Ep.; 30:00)
Never before has such a clever, adventurous and mischievous little girl withstood the challenge to entertain generation after generation in such grand style. Continually faithful to the spirit of the classic children's literature series by Ludwig Bemelmans, these richly-textured period pieces capture the exotic spirit of Paris in the early forties.

MONSTER MATH SQUAD (Seasons 1-2; 25 Ep.; 30:00)
“Monster Math Squad” stars Max, Lily and Goo. While they may not be the biggest, or bravest (or even the brainiest) monsters on the block, the squad loves nothing better than to put their monster minds together and use their math skills to overcome any obstacle they face... even ones with two left feet or ten thumbs. The series' mission is to promote the love of numeracy, the idea that math is everywhere, and that math is fun!

THE ADVENTURES OF PADDINGTON BEAR (Seasons 1-3; 39 Ep.; 30:00)
Paddington Bear doesn’t go looking for adventure. It just seems to find him. And when it does, there’s no telling what will happen. One thing is for sure - wherever Paddington Bear goes, there’s chaos, a bit of panic, and lots of laughs.

PIRATES: ADVENTURES IN ART (Seasons 1-2; 22 Ep.; 30:00)
Prepare to raise anchor and set sail with the artsiest and craftiest crew of rollicking rogues ever to sail the Seven Seas! Follow the adventures of Leonardo, Princess Cleo, First Mate Fresco del Gecko, and Skelly on their daring missions to discover and restore the creative arts lost to the communities under Queen Conformia’s sway. And, celebrate with them as they continually thwart Admiral Krank's efforts to stop them.

COSMIC QUANTUM RAY (Season 1; 26 Ep.; 30:00)
"Cosmic Quantum Ray" is a comedy-action-adventure series that brings the strange corners of the universe to the world of Earth teenager Robbie Shipton. Robbie represents Earth as a member of Team Quantum - an elite, eccentric team of heroes that saves the Universe almost every day, and hopefully in time for Robbie to get to his third-period science class!

THE DAVINCIBLES (Season 1; 26 Ep.; 30:00)
“The Davincibles” is an Italian animated series that resolves around siblings Pablo and Zoë, who, along with their uncle Leo, travel the world to find special, mostly art-related, relics for Leo’s antique store, the Kurios Kat. They are opposed by a group of villains called the Society of Very Bad Villains, led by the world’s worst artist ever, Quaba. They seek the same artifacts to achieve world domination... or, just to get Quaba recognized as the world's greatest artist.

MISS SPIDER’S SUNNY PATCH FRIENDS (Seasons 1-3; 43 Ep.; 30:00)
“Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends” is a lush CGI animated series about Miss Spider and her buggy bunch of eight kids. Based on the best-selling book series by acclaimed author and illustrator David Kirk, it is a fun family show that redefines surfing the web. The series encourages kids to appreciate the differences in others and promotes acceptance as it takes preschoolers on pint-sized adventures in a ‘big’ little bug world.

BUBU AND THE LITTLE OWLS (Season 1; 13 Ep.; 30:00)
A lush and charming preschool series that follows the adorable adventures of Bubu, a curious and energetic young owl who is always in hurry to explore the world outside her shell. Along with her brainy younger brother Biel, and cute baby sister Bonie, Bubu is determined to see the forest beyond her family’s branch in the highest sequoia tree of the High Branches neighborhood. By working together and making new friends, they’ll play, create, sing and find the answers to their questions about the beauty and wonder of nature


BAKE WITH ANNA OLSON (Seasons 2-3; 40 Ep.; 30:00)
Prestigious pastry chef Anna Olson showcases her delectable world of baking mastery, from muffins to meringue and from cream cake to croissants in this tantalizing instructional series.

FOR RENT (Seasons 3-5; 39 Ep.; 30:00)
You don’t need to own a property to have a fabulous home, says real estate agent and rental expert Jodi Gilmour. On “For Rent,” she guides desperate but hopeful renters to budget-friendly new homes and then performs magazine-worthy makeovers on a dime. With her knack for seeing a property’s hidden potential and optimizing even the trickiest layouts, Jodi shows renters how to get fantastic results with a minimal investment and helps them navigate the property market with plenty of support and helpful tips.

STYLE FACTORY (Season 1; 14 Ep.; 30:00)
“Style Factory” offers an addictive behind-the-scenes look at how fashion and beauty products are made. With fashionistas and company insiders weighing in at every step, the series reveals the incredible stories behind the items we need and covet most. From the accessible to the aspirational, it’s a rare chance to peer behind the curtains of our favorite brands, where crafty artisans work their magic and mass production dazzles.

MY HOUSE, YOUR MONEY (Seasons 1-2; 52 Ep.; 30:00)
The kids have grown up and want a house. The parents hold the purse strings. But, they can’t agree on the perfect home. Introducing “My House, Your Money,” a reality program with enough downright drama and high-stakes pressure to drive a family to the brink of real estate disaster. With house prices skyrocketing, more buyers are flocking to the bank of mom and dad. But everybody knows mixing family and finances can be a recipe for disaster.

AT HOME WITH DIDIAYER (Season 2; 13 Ep.; 30:00)
After an engaging first season, Didiayer geared up for a second round of the diverse lifestyle series. This time, she took to the open road with a few traveling companions - her adventurous husband Christopher, and their two young daughters. Leading the program with her informative and contagious attitude, Didiayer shares the diversity of American history, art, agriculture, and cuisine. From the arid climate of Utah to the Bluegrass State of Kentucky, she learns from locals about their way of life.

AT THE TABLE WITH… (Season 3; 13 Ep.; 30:00)
An intimate and exclusive all-access pass into the hearts and minds of some of the world’s most celebrated chefs and food industry stars. “At The Table With…” is a 13-part documentary-based biography series unlike any other. Part reality show, part reality check, “At the Table With...” aims to put the viewer "there,” in our subjects' heads and in their kitchen, where pressure and passion is their very life-blood, and hard work and innovation their most indispensable tool.