Swarm Tokenizes Dash Masternodes, announces support for Dash for security token investments

New Security Token to be first offered to non-accredited investors

PALO ALTO, CA, June 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Swarm (www.swarm.fund), the blockchain for private equity, today announced the launch of DMN Token representing fractional ownership of a Dash masternode, extending block rewards and voting rights to all token holders. Additionally, investors may now use Dash to participate in all investment opportunities on Swarm’s marketplace.

“Dash is a leader in cryptocurrency, and at Swarm we have long admired Dash’s focus on community and decentralized governance. Extending access to dash masternode rewards and voting rights to more individuals is the perfect use case of our infrastructure is firmly aligned with our values,” said Philipp Pieper, CEO and Co-Founder of Swarm. “We expect this will be the first of many Node as a Service opportunities people will tokenize on Swarm to serve their respective communities.”

Normally, 1,000 Dash are required to host a masternode, making the ~$250k price tag unattainable for most individuals. Masternode sharing services exist today, but Swarm’s opportunity is the first to extend voting rights to all fractional owners, using the liquid democracy voting module (LDVM) built in partnership with SecureVote. Additionally, the entity operating the shared masternode will operate as a non-profit, with only actual operating expenses deducted from block rewards. Everything else, and all voting rights, will extend directly to DMN token holders.

“Expanding access to Dash masternodes is a long standing request from many in the Dash community. On Swarm, and across the security token landscape, investment access for non-accredited US investors is an important barrier to overcome. This is about decentralized community governance so it was important to us that it be as inclusive as possible. That’s why we plan to file with the SEC under Reg A+ and make the DMN token available to the general public,” commented Timo Lehes, Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer.

Swarm makes traditionally exclusive investment opportunities, such as private equity and hedge funds, inclusive for the Swarm by pooling together smaller investments into larger, institutional-sized blocks. Swarm gives fund managers access to capital from a new class of investors who want access to institutional-type investments, but don’t have the high minimums many institutional funds require. By leveraging blockchain technology, Swarm provides an entire platform from which businesses can create cryptocurrency-based enterprises with a wellspring of funding built in.

About Swarm Fund
Swarm Fund is the blockchain for private equity. Swarm is creating a unique market infrastructure built on blockchain technology that enables investing cryptocurrency into real assets and deploying traditional capital into crypto markets in a new way. Swarm is built for: ​Crypto Investors who want to de-risk their portfolios, Family Offices looking for a more efficient way to invest into crypto and alternatives, and everyday retail investors searching for access to opportunities that were not accessible before. With a legal and regulatory framework compatible with institutional investors, automation to remove middle men, and prioritizing access for all, Swarm can streamline and help double the Private Equity industry from $2.5 trillion to $5T+ in the next five years.


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