World Finance announces winners of the 2018 Pension Fund Awards

LONDON, June 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the midst of an increasingly uncertain business climate, the often-overlooked pensions market has been tasked with tackling numerous complex challenges, such as demographic crises and rapid technological advancements.

A select group of pension funds have demonstrated an ability to swiftly innovate and adapt to market changes, all while maintaining a high standard of excellence. World Finance celebrates these firms in its 2018 Pension Fund Awards.

Nearly every country in the world is dealing with the long-term pressures of an ageing population. As the proportion of older people to working age citizens increases, global pension systems are beginning to groan under the weight of the growing number of retirees. The industry must ensure pensions remain financially sustainable throughout this transformation.

What’s more, many pension funds have yet to embrace the uptake of new technologies and still rely on legacy systems. While technological innovation has failed to become a top priority over the past two decades, a breakthrough is on the horizon. Robo-advisors have already gathered around $225bn in assets under management as of 2017, but by just 2021 that figure is estimated to rise to more than $1trn. Blockchain technology and cloud-based platforms are also poised to transform the sector.

Another change is happening in the very core of the investment process. More and more, pension fund trustees are beginning to incorporate environmental, social and governance considerations to secure long-term investment opportunities.

As these tectonic shifts unfold, some pension funds will succeed where others will fail. The World Finance Pension Fund Awards 2018 recognises the ground-breaking firms making strides in this challenging environment.

To see a full list of this year’s winners, pick up the latest issue of World Finance, available in print, online and on tablet now.

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