Max Sound Asks SEC & FINRA to Accelerate Investigations On Naked Shorting & Failure to Deliver Shares

Max Sound contends that Market Makers’ Practice Harms Small Businesses and The American Dream


SAN DIEGO, June 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Max Sound Corporation (OTC:MAXD) today asked the SEC and FINRA to act now on MAXD’s recent complaints and to accelerate their investigations on the five major Market Makers, which MAXD believes are dishonest and performing naked short selling activities, share counterfeiting and failing to deliver shares, committing yet again to rightfully take back invested equity for its hard working honest shareholders. The Market Makers that MAXD believe are defrauding the market are Knight, Cantor Fitzgerald, Canaccord Genuity, Citadel and eTrade.

Since MAXD filed complaints to the country’s top regulatory bodies, the Company believes that these same bad actors have waged an all-out assault on the Company’s stock which leads the Company to think that there is no limit to the extent they will go in expanding their actions.

Max Sound and its shareholders continue to demand that action is taken by our esteemed regulators to stop this practice once and for all, first for MAXD and thereafter for all the other microcaps who may have been negatively affected by this perceived gaming of the system by Capital Markets Insiders who the Company believes cheat and commit these crimes every day to steal from honest hard working small investors trying to support and be a part of the American Dream and the small business owners who previously had no serious champion of their causes.

Max Sound has petitioned the regulatory bodies again today to take immediate and accelerated action and is confident that the SEC and FINRA will swiftly conduct investigations on these Market Makers and find that the counterfeit shares they are unlawfully “printing” and trading is in direct violation of Regulation SHO and will promptly end what the Company believes to be systemic crimes of illegally creating and selling counterfeit shares. In the Primer Link, as provided by ‘Citizens for Securities Reform’ that is found mid page, all the ways the Market Makers can cheat are explained. Delivery failure is only one of many. The Company believes that their game on MAXD is counterfeiting shares and wrongly claiming an exemption.

“By cheating the system and destroying a Company’s equity value, which is the life blood of any microcap Company, these greedy market maker thieves wreak havoc not only on American small businesses, but also the hard working citizens and investors of the middle class who believe in the companies they are putting their money behind,” said John Blaisure - Max Sound’s CEO. “We’re taking this fight public, and like our Google cases, will continue to fight for small businesses everywhere who have been repeatedly wronged while our nation’s leaders and regulatory bodies have in the past sat idly by treating it as business as usual. We believe that this time the SEC and FINRA will ultimately do the right thing and stop these criminals from committing these crimes sending a message that crime at any level does not pay.”

Max Sound has an amazing shareholder base. No one would believe that all microcap investors are stupid and that MAXD shareholders choose to dump massive amounts of hundreds of millions of shares every day at lower and lower prices to revel in the losses. The Company has carefully conducted thorough market surveillance, and has concluded that no MAXD shareholders are selling these large blocks of shares every day. Together we will challenge what we perceive to be repeated fails to deliver shares on stock that is not real - until these Market Makers lose millions of dollars as we buy in and regulators offer real oversight which is what the tax payer dollars are provided for in the first place - to protect investors from being cheated when it can easily be stopped. In the end, we will take back the equity that rightfully belongs to MAXD shareholders.

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