Megvii Helps Vivo Develop Applications Featuring 3D Sensing Technology

SHANGHAI, China, July 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018 (MWCS18), a high-profile mobile tech exhibition in Asia, opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) last week.

With last year’s debut of its smartphone featuring an in-screen fingerprint sensor, Vivo reveals a pioneering 3D sensing technology at MWCS18. It showcases a series of depth camera-based 3D facial recognition applications jointly launched with Megvii, such as 3D head modeling, 3D secure payment, 3D beautification, 3D portrait lighting, 3D plastic surgery. Such cutting-edge technologies have drawn high attention at MWCS18.

Compared with 2D portraits, the meticulous 3D ones present more conceptual possibilities and commercial value. In addition to the above-mentioned 3D head portrait, users can adjust your eyes, ears, nose, skin, forehead, and chin in your portrait for 3D face-lift and beautification, or even preview the effect of planned plastic surgery. What’s more, the lighting effect of portraits is much better, thanks to the in-depth 3D facial information. By virtue of Megvii’s multiple portrait lighting options, users can change the position, quantity, intensity, and direction of light sources at their will to render the portrait more natural and lively; users can also upload the scanned 3D portrait into 3D games to create a lifelike namesake role or find admirable outfits through 3D portrait makeup trying and clothes fitting.

Megvii is an AI-driven IoT creator and one of the first AI businesses using deep learning technology to realize the commercialization of face recognition products. Megvii owns Face++, the world’s biggest open platform of face recognition, and FaceID, a third-party platform of identity verification through face recognition. It has released multiple pioneering AI products including face recognition payment, face unlock, and full-frame smart snapshot. In 2017, Megvii entered the mobile phone market and launched a series of mobile AI products such as face recognition payment, face unlock, portrait lighting, portrait background blurring, video beautification, and Animoji. A breakthrough has also been made in the application of 3D visual technology.

Based on its core deep learning and smart sensing technologies, Megvii hopes to digitize the physical world by “AI+IoT”-empowered terminals. 3D is a major presentation form of future digitization. Like mobile phone manufacturers, Megvii is advancing its R&D of 3D algorithm, products and applications.

By virtue of Megvii’s three core algorithm model structures, Vivo phones can reach high-speed recognition within 0.1 second, reconfiguration within 0.03 second, and payment accuracy of 0.01, which cover an attention test model with multiple measurements and features, adaptive network, recognition schemes integrating multiple models, and face liveness model tailor-made on the basis of ShuffleNet, a pioneering mobile convolutional neural network. This technology enables Vivo users to take face recognition as a primary verification means for mobile payment instead of fingerprints, password, or PIN code.

The 3D technology integrating AI and smart sensing will revolutionize man-machine interaction to the utmost. With tech advancement and continuous upgrading of users’ demand on experience, 3D will quickly become standard technology for medium and high-end smart phones. As a leading mobile AI solutions provider, Megvii will continue the R&D of 3D technology on different mobile phone platforms, so as to meet functional needs of different mobile phone manufacturers.

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About Megvii
Established in 2011, Megvii is a world-leading pioneer of artificial intelligence commercialization and an industry leader in face recognition. It’s also one of the first AI companies that commercialize face recognition with deep learning technology. It owns Face++ and Face ID, which are the biggest face recognition open platform and the biggest third-party face authentication platform in the world, respectively. It has launched several ground-breaking AI products in various verticals, including face recognition payment, face recognition unlocking and full-frame smart snapshot cameras.

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