Victoria Independent School District Teams with QuotEnergy to Secure an Additional Six-Figure Energy Savings through 2028

Proactive Buying Strategy & Skilled Negotiation Keep District’s Energy Costs Down for a Decade, Delivering Significant Savings to Taxpayers

VICTORIA, Texas, July 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- QuotEnergy, LLC, a leading energy procurement firm and approved TIPS vendor, today announced it has helped Victoria Independent School District (VISD) successfully procure another 90 million kWh of electricity to power its facilities. The resulting 5-year energy contract that begins in 2023 will secure over $1.3 million in savings for the district over successive terms and provide valuable budget certainty into 2028.

QuotEnergy approached VISD with savings opportunities in the long-term energy market. Dr. Robert Jaklich, Superintendent, led the project and was a key contributor. QuotEnergy provided valuable insights into the deregulated energy market, closely evaluating the pricing, products and services of various retail energy suppliers, wholesalers, and government-approved procurement vehicles, narrowing down the competitive field of providers while driving down the price.

The result was that QuotEnergy was able to negotiate even further with the remaining providers to yield the most competitive, cost-saving contract with TXU Energy, its second in a row for VISD. The contract negotiation also yielded over $65,000 in greenback dollars, which VISD can apply to energy-efficiency upgrades to create even more savings.

“Glencora Ore has taught us to be proactive in both our thinking and our actions involving the energy market, treating complacency as our enemy,” said Dr. Jaklich. “While we had worked with QuotEnergy two years ago to lock in a phenomenal rate for 2019-2023 – a move that saved us a lot of money – Glencora showed us that by exploring the forward market now we could secure a great price through 2028 that will keep us saving on energy for many years to come.”

Added Glencora Ore, President of QuotEnergy, “There are no shortcuts to getting great contracts in the energy market. Opportunities take collaboration, time and skill to secure, but can pay off handsomely in the end. Dr. Jaklich and the team at Victoria ISD are so great to work with because they take this to heart, putting their time and effort into doing the right thing for their District and their constituents.”

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