Newchip Ranked in Top 100 Venture Capital Funded Companies Globally

Crunchbase ranks Newchip in top 1% of accelerator and venture capital funded companies

Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES

AUSTIN, Texas, July 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Newchip, the leading investment marketplace for startups and private equity, has been ranked among the top accelerator and venture capital funded companies in the world by Crunchbase. Based on a scoring of 10,000 companies, Newchip is ranked in the top 10 accelerator funded companies and top 100 venture capital funded companies globally.

Crunchbase is the preeminent platform in the world for company and data insights for early-stage startups to Fortune 1000 companies. Its ranking leaderboard and algorithms are led by an experienced data science team and based on thousands of data points and machine learning.

Ryan Rafols, founder and CEO of Newchip, said, “I am extremely honored for Newchip to be ranked along with many prominent growth companies at Crunchbase. It is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication, especially considering that Newchip is much younger than many of the other companies ranked along with Newchip. It is an exciting experience and adds more fuel to our fire and drive to succeed.”

The leading investment aggregator and fastest growing platform in the crowd investing industry recently closed a $2 million seed round from fintech specialists JadeValue Fintech, Yeoman’s Capital, Spunik ATX, Youbi Capital, and Polymath. With a rapidly growing base of over 60,000 users, Newchip is quickly becoming the premier online destination for discovering and comparing alternative investments in startups and private equity.

Industry pioneer and Newchip co-founder and CFO, Judd Hollas, stated, “We’re very excited to be recognized by Crunchbase for our accomplishments and leadership position among so many high-quality global companies. These new Crunchbase rankings build on a history of other top rankings for Newchip for global startups and Apple top finance apps.”

Newchip is conducting a new crowdfunding raise on Wefunder ( and has achieved $200,000 in funds raised in less than two weeks. According to Travis Brodeen, co-founder and CTO of Newchip, “We are proud to use the new crowdfunding rules to raise capital for Newchip and are delighted with the impressive progress of our campaign. The new Crunchbase rankings only affirm our market leadership and pace at which we are growing the company. It’s an exciting time for the entire Newchip team.”

About Newchip:
Newchip is an investment marketplace for new and experienced investors to discover hundreds of opportunities and invest in them for as little as $100. By aggregating opportunities into a single platform, it’s now easier for everyday Americans to build a diverse portfolio and find ventures they can support and back in exchange for a return on investment. For more information, visit


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