NewBridge Global Ventures, Inc. Announces Update on Elevated Education Inc. Subsidiary

Highly Anticipated Introductory Module Release will Lay the Foundation and Enable Launch of Curriculum to Health and Wellness Industry

Orem, UT, July 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NewBridge Global Ventures, Inc. (“NewBridge” or the “Company”), (OTCQB: NBGV), a company focused on the emerging and dynamic legal and regulated cannabis and industrial hemp industries, announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Elevated Education, Inc. (“Elevated”), has completed post-production processing of its first proprietary education module for distribution on a commercial basis. 

The module, entitled “The Endocannabinoid System”, is an introductory technical program, produced with a view toward providing a foundational understanding for healthcare professionals of phytocannabinoids and their interaction with the Endocannabinoid System. This module is the first to be produced by On The Edge, an accomplished media production company and is the first of 11 modules that the Company acquired in a previously announced transaction. 

Elevated plans to offer both online and in-person delivery of the modules once each one is completed.  With modules that include Introduction of the Endocannabinoid System, Pharmacology and the clinical use of medicinal cannabis, Elevated is striving to provide the most thorough curriculum available to the Health and Wellness industry to date.  Elevated’s website is also in the final stages of development and testing and is expected to go live within the next 30 days.

“The Company’s offering of Elevated’s educational curriculum is one of four key components of the NewBridge platform currently being built,” said Mark Mersman, Chief Executive Officer of NewBridge. “The commercial release of this first foundational module, along with the 10 other modules still in the post-production process, will allow the Company to begin to address the lack of understanding of cannabis and its uses in the medical community and propel the Company along its path to success. We look forward to bringing this module online [in the coming weeks?] and the official launch of Elevated Education, Inc.”

About NewBridge Global Ventures, Inc.

NewBridge Global Ventures, Inc. is a US public company (OTCQB: NBGV) which will acquire and operate a portfolio of synergistic companies operating within the legal medical cannabis and industrial hemp industries. Our vertically integrated business model provides our portfolio the best position for rapid growth incannabis education, cultivation, manufacturing and distribution for the benefit of investors, workers and communities. For more information, visit

About Elevated Education, Inc.

Elevated is a wholly owned subsidiary of NewBridge. Through education of physicians, clinicians, healthcare insurers, public servants, educators and cannabis industry professionals on proper, safe and effective applications for medical marijuana. Elevated’s education curriculum is intending to empower health practitioners with the knowledge and confidence to better serve their patients and students with healthier, more-effective treatments using CBD, hemp and other cannabis derivatives. 

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