50,000,000 INVE Rewards. World's First Support Million TPS Practical Blockchain 4.0 Project—InterValue Launches The Bounty Program

InterValue is the world's first support million TPS practical blockchain 4.0 project, a highly practical decentralized distributed application development platform aiming at building the next generation of world's value Internet cornerstone and building the underlying infrastructure of the public chain.The outcome of the year-long InterValue reached extraordinary and outstanding achievements in technology research, financial institutions, and ecosystem construction. Now the highly-anticipated InterValue bounty program is launching, there will be 50,000,000 INVE for rewards.

Changsha, CHINA

BEIJING, China, July 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The speed of InterValue 2.0 testnet single intra-subnet transaction confirmation is reached 280,000 TPS

InterValue released it’s v2.0 testnet, this version featured the newly designed HashNet consensus mechanism. Hashnet uses a two-layer gossip topology to form a divide-and-conquer distributed ledger system by ”intra-shard autonomy, inter-shard collaboration”. It enables rapid delivery of transactions between nodes in different shards. The speed of InterValue 2.0 testnet single intra-subnet transaction confirmation is reached 280000 TPS, in theory, with limitation the TPS, the whole capacity and transaction speed have reached to hundreds of thousands, it is in a leading position worldwide.

Obtained many financial institutions

InterValue received investments from many local and oversea financial institutions:


Next programmer

After InterValue released it’s v 2.0 testnet, the team will continue to advance in all aspects of the work according to the plan, especially in DAPP research and ecosystem construct.

In Q3 2018, an anonymous privacy protection function based on zero-knowledge proof and ring signatures will be added to V2.0 testnet will be introduced.

In Q4 2018, cryptographic algorithms, signature algorithms, and hash algorithms for anti-quantum attacks will be added, then InterValue will release its v 2.0 testnet and its main net will be officially launched.

At the same time, the applications based on InterValue’s blockchain will be rapidly advancing. The team plans to develop a distributed social platform and globally distributed storage grid both based on InterValue.

In addition, the InterValue team, as a technology provider, has collaborated with several companies that have used blockchain technology to optimize and enhance existing business processes, with the prospect of using InterValue infrastructure in a number of practical application areas and scenarios.

InterValue will launch DAPP development incentive plans on InterValue to ensure that more resources, teams, and technical talents contribute to the development of DApp based on InterValue, and InterValue will be deployed across as many industries and actual scenarios as possible. At the same time, the team is building a community of blockchain technology universal and a coalition of partners, and the team has gained increasing public support.

INVE bounty program

There will be 50,000,000 INVE (the market value of the rewards stood more than $1 million) for rewards. We will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis until the rewards are distributed. INVE rewards can be exchanged the INVE Token in 1:1 equivalents (no lock period). INVE planned to list on the exchange on August or September. Tokens issued on Ethereum blockchain will be officially converted to INVE at the rate of 1:1. 


  1. Sign up now for 88 INVE, Refer a friend for registration with 10 INVE.
  2. Participate in ”knowledge expert” answering with  100 INVE
  3. Official community rewards are continuing every day, please join the community quickly
  4. Retweet and forward the microblog and the maximum reward can be 10000 INVE.
  5. “ Content Ambassador ” the maximum reward for fantastic content can be 50000 INVE.
  6. Top ranking can receive additional rewards.

Weekly Lucky Draw, we will select at random 100 new registered members for 88 to 8888 INVE.

Bounty time

  1. Upcoming events will start on July 16th, 2018, 12: 00(GMT+8)
  2. Formally launch on July 19th, 2018, 12:00 (GMT+8)
  3. End on August 19th 12:00 (GMT+8).

Fruitful activities, easy participation, multiple chances! The InterValue team hopes everyone can participate in the program actively, co-construct the blockchain 4.0 ecosystem.

INVE bounty program task

  1. Content ambassador award
  2. Promotion ambassador award
  3. Community ambassador award
  4. Recommend ambassador award
  5. Newly registration award
  6. Knowledge expert award
  7. Ranking award

Please visit our websites and the official community for more details!

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Chinese telegram: https://t.me/InterValue

Telegram official ann channel: https://t.me/InterValueofficial

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Chinese BiYong: https://0.plus/InterValue

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INVE reward is distributed by InterValue admin, Beware of advertisement, phishing, scams. If you have any doubt with our ”INVE bounty program”, please contact the admin or send email to intervalue@inve.one

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